App Removed From Google Play With a Message: "APK Has a Prominent Disclosure but the Disclosure is Not Adequate"




  • Kurt Hardeman

    For resellers: I don't think the last step is required, where you generate and upload a new AAB file. I had this warning pop up for an existing app. I enabled the GDPR feature, and 8 days later, my app was still live on the Google Play Store (despite being told it would be removed in 7 days.) So I think their bots are automatically rescanning the app for that feature, and a new AAB upload isn't required. This is just from personal experience.

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  • Betsey Duggan


    It looks like you're correct, at least for existing Google Apps that have Google App Key Signing. This is what appears in that case: 



    Therefore, the BA article,, needs updated. That article indicates there will be an option to "OPT IN" under App Integrity, when, in fact, if you have Google App Signing Key, that option is not available. That is what makes me think you're correct about not needing to upload a new AAB as a final step.

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  • Eduardo Peters

    Hello Betsey and Kurt,

    While it might not be required for all apps, we still recommend submitting a new AAB file since we want to make sure Google will review the app again.
    On the off-chance that the app is still not compliant, you'll know from their rejection what needs to be addressed.

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