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How to Publish Your iOS Apps

Unlike the Android upload process, we handle your iOS submission completely. All that's required on your end is the proper publishing info to help us do that.

1. Log into your app and navigate to the Publish Step.

2. Make sure all required fields are filled out and all images are uploaded. See here for full details on the Publish step.


3. Once each feature of the Publish step is complete, click the 'Submit' button in the Publish section. 

If you're republishing your app for an update, you'll see this screen instead. The fee to republish is $25 (was $50). (See here for info on when it's necessary to republish an app.) 

If this a first time publish for your app, the cost is now $199 due to changes with Apple publishing. We will charge your account only if you publish to iOS. Approval for iOS is guaranteed or your money back. You can still publish for all other platforms without any additional charge.

Note: If you have received confirmation from our team that your app will be uploaded for free due to a confirmed issue, please note the team member's name and the case number in the "Special Upload Instructions." We willcharge for any republish requests submitted to correct issues that a Bizness Apps team member has not confirmed, so please do not republish without first verifying with a support agent via email.

4. If your submission went through successfully, you'll also receive an email confirmation of your request. At this point, the app is in our upload queue!

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Publish Page changes for the GDPR:

In order to better assist our customers in selecting the available territories they wish to place their iOS apps, we have added the same territories selection you will find in iTunes Connect.

When iOS is selected on the Publish page, you will notice the Pricing and Availability section appear inside the Basic Information module.

Here you can edit the territory availability to ensure your app is only available in those countries/territories you wish it to be.

These changes will only go into effect if the selections are made before your next iOS publish. If you wish to change these territories without updating your app, please see this article

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