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Preview Apps And Clearing It's Customer Data

The preview app is an extremely useful tool when testing how your application will look and function. With each software release, the preview app is the tool of choice in learning this new functionality so you can become an expert fast. We know the Preview App is an essential tool for our partners and that is why with our North Park release we have added additional functionality to ensure they have the proper tools to build, test and demo with their clients.


With North Parks new Sign-up feature, your customer account will associate itself with the device. This is perfect in the real world on real customers phones, however with your preview app you likely wish to be able to wipe this data clean for a few reasons. 


Sales Demos: You will want to demo the application in full with your client, showing the entire signup process etc without past sessions customer data being paired.


Building/Testing: When you are building and testing the application you will likely be completing the Sign-up flow, or possibly linking a social media through the profile page or loyalty feature etc. Later you will likely use that same device and preview app to check another users account and would not want their and your customer data to sync.


In order to ensure that you have cleared the customer data on your device before either walking into a sales pitch or testing a customer issue, you will need to clear your Customer Data. This is very easily done.


  • First, open the Preview App.
  • Tap the new settings icon on the login screen.
  • You will see an item titled Customer Data, select it
  • On this last screen, you will see the ‘Clear Customer Data’ text, tap this then confirm.


Don’t worry, clearing this data does not delete anything in the cloud. It just effectively unpairs your device from the Customer Data you have previously entered, but as soon as you log back in or relink a social account your information will return to this device. 


We have also added this settings screen to the App Dashboard view in the preview app. It has replaced the location of the Log Out button which now resides on this page.

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