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How to Remove an App From Sale in Google Play

Removing an app from the Google Play Store is very simple. Follow the steps below, and your app will no longer be visible in the Google Play Store. This prevents new users from downloading your app. It's not possible to fully delete an app from your Google Developer Account.

Note: If you wish to prevent current users from accessing an app's content by deactivating it fully, follow the instructions here.

1. Log into the Google Developer Console.

2. Under All Applications, select the app you wish to remove from the Play Store.

3. From the left-side menu, click the Store presence tab, follow by Pricing and Distribution.

4. Under App Availability you will see the Publish/Unpublish option.  Select Unpublish.  

5. Next, a pop-up confirming you wish to unpublish the application will appear.  Select Confirm.

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