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North Park 50.13

We are happy to announce this release to all our customers. 

This release also comes with around 28 items focused on fixing issues.  

Our engineering team continues to work on our commitment to constantly make our product better.

App Builder (CMS)

Update broken links on CMS (Bootcamp and Flyers)
Client Panel
Unable to Disable the Campaigns Section In Client Panels
Issue with the Image Editor In the CMS
Food Ordering
Unable to place order using Paypal
iOS publishing
Apps are being rejected because they declare the use of background location.
Manage Customers
Partner client panel link showing if client re-use the link to create an account (Groups add on)
Manage Customers
"Groups" page within "Customers" takes a long time to load
Manage Customers
Groups Feature - Export ALL individuals
Manage Customers
Groups add-ons- unwanted login button after clients complete the account creation form
Multi language
Multiple choice fields disappear after editing a second language when language add-on is activated
Multi language
Forms Titles Are Not Translated To The Devices Language (Multiple Language Add-on)
Partner Dashboard
Unable to delete Private Apps
Unable to publish 'Webapp' and 'Android', Publish process seems to be stuck at "Processing your request, this may take up to 2 minutes..."
Image Transition Isn't Working For Carousel Images
iOS publishing
Client is getting constant notifications from our system login into his Developer Account


Getting Error Message When Stamping Loyalty Feature While Signed Up Using Facebook
Social Media
Not Able To Connect To Social Media Under Settings
Failed Sign up error message showing when user loads two PWAs in the same device
Reviews don't work with multiple locations

Native iOS App

In-App - user settings area - the Terms of Service link not working for iOS device
Custom Privacy Policy URL not being correctly populated on iOS Builder metadata
Push Notifications
Fix Location Push Notification when app terminated

* Please note that apps affected by all issues above will require a republish

Native Android App

Golf course
Golf Course feature's units in Yards instead of Meters on Android ZTE Blade device
Android: When Saving Events To Calendar unwanted code is showing
Gallery: with Android picture description does not appear full page
Home screen picture appears cut off since last Android update
Scrolling menu does not appear correctly after Android Preview App last update

* Please note that apps affected by all issues above will require a republish

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