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North Park 50.12

We are happy to announce this release to all our customers. 

This release also comes with around 25 items focused on fixing issues.  

Our engineering team continues to work on our commitment to constantly make our product better.

App Builder (CMS)

Contact Us
Error when submit message using 'CONTACT US' function
App fails with error message "You must choose a primary language.
Multiple choice fields disappear after editing a second language when language add-on is activated
No translation available for the string “No time is selected for the reservation
Localization UI does not store new translations
Photos Photo editor within the CMS stucks on loading
Promote The promote section redirects back to the Dashboard overview
Push Notifications
All published apps are going out with a defect where PN-certs are not working
Push Notifications
Push Notifications - Unable to Connect to Facebook
Push Notifications
Limit of 20 geofence items can be at the same time and there is no cleanup
Not able to configure the Reviews add-on, client unable to go past the Start free trial page


Skipper doesn't display user's name under Loyalty awards when the app is accessed through PWA
Merchandise feature: Shopify Integration stopped working for PWAs
PWA: Delivery Address Validation Not Working On Custom Domains (Food Ordering, Merchandise)

Native iOS App

Custom feature's Signature feature not working as intended on iOS devices
Push Notifications
Location-Based Push Notification Issue on iPhone X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max
Push Notifications
Deleted geofence is still send push notes when users enter in the area
iOS: Change made in Finnish translation tool not reflecting in the live app
Custom Privacy Policy URL Not Rendering Correctly On iOS
Info-1 Tier
IOS: user is required to double tap the content in order to scroll it
Private Apps: The Category View Display doesn't show the grid mode

* Please note that apps affected by all issues above will require a republish

Native Android App

Push Notifications
Android: Push scheduled notifications are not being sent to Android devices
Android users unable to log in Facebook with Sign-up
Users unable to sign up using the Google account on Android
App crashes when Music feature is accessed in Android App

* Please note that apps affected by all issues above will require a republish

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