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North Park 50.9

We are happy to announce this release to all our customers.  

This release also comes with around 30 items focused on fixing issues.  

Our engineering team continues to work on our commitment to constantly make our product better. 

Apps showing zero downloads for Android on Analytics.
App Onboarding
Consent page shows a white page on Huawei devices
App Onboarding
Android: app crashes on S8 after consent pop-up
Around Us
RTL: Wrong alignment on Around Us map view and POI details pages
Around Us
Around us links does not open in new tab with Android
Custom Form
Text color in custom form does not render correctly in web view
After android app update the homescreen background picture does not show
Some Android devices loading Carousel images in Parallax even though it's set in Ken burns
The header image is not fully displayed on Android
Email Photo
Email photo: remove articles from button names
Fan Wall
Android app crashing when the Fan wall feature is opened
Food Ordering
Credit Card Orders taken and confirmed but does not show on CMS transaction list
Golf Course
Missing background when using custom design in Android
Image Gallery
Picture does not render with good quality using Gallery Feature with Android
Image Gallery
Image Gallery - Background Image Don't Fit
Info Tier 1
Android unable to read specific URL when using Iframe in Info Tier
Messages: Correct subscriptions UI on Tablet
Android: News ticker not loading on native android app
Clicking on the News Headlines with hyperlink not navigating the user to the required link.
Android: News feature opens random features when "no link" is enabled
RTL: Correct text alignment for Notepad feature
Podcast stops playing audio after some time on specific Android devices
Push Notifications
Unable to open Feature item in push notification message
Push Notifications
Push Notifications Are Not Received On Android When Adding The Message Title
Push Notifications
Inconsistency with Android push delivery and notification appearance
Preview App crashes when user enter submit button from enter phone number page for reservation update page
Android: User unable to scroll down and click on the Book button after selecting the reservation date and time.
Voice Recorder
Voice recorder: reordings do not fit to screen
Stripe payment link does not work in Android Website feature
YouTube: not all comments displayed on Android
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