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North Park 50.3 Patch 4

We are happy to announce this release to all our customers, available as of November 6th, 2018.  This release comes with around 25 items and is mostly focused on fixing issues that were uncovered after North Park 50.3  (detail on table below).  Our engineering team continues to work on our commitment to constantly make our product better.  

Native iOS App

Fixed Geo-fence push notification on iOS
App Loading
Fixed an issue where an app was not accessible even though it was set to active
Email Form
Fixed an issue where the Signature form was not rendered correctly on small screens

Native Android App

APK Generation
Fixed an issue with APK generator

Native iOS and Android App

App Loading
Fixed "This app is no longer being maintained due to non-payment on behalf of the business" error
Ensured the search bar in the merchandise area continues to work
Around Us
Fixed scrolling issues in the 'around us' area's POI list

App Builder (CMS)

App Publish
Fixed issues around publishing apps to the private app store
App Publish
Fixed code signing error: "appcode" requires a provisioning profile with the Push Notifications feature. Select a provisioning profile for the "Release" build configuration in the project editor.
Fixed an issue with analytics where it wasn't showing any data from last one year
Fixed an issue with Analytics where app sessions were still showing under client panel even after disabling of analytics
App Loading
Fixed the error when app remained stuck on CMS upgrade
Fixed the login issues with guest, user & account request mode while using groups features
Fixed an issue where login panel was showing 'page not found error'
Fixed the issue around connecting with Facebook under the push notifications page
Ensured RSS feed from Facebook continued to work
Fixed Facebook sharing issues

Preview App

App Install
Fixed the issue with the installation of preview apps for iOS and Android
App Loading
Fixed the issue where iOS Preview App 50.3 didn't work

Progressive Web App

Custom Domain
Fixed the issue around the status of the custom domain where status was incorrect for 4 days
Fixed an issue with SSL errors on a PWA app
Ensured duplicate email check is performed while updating profile
Ensured the success message being displayed after updating profile


Ensured 'features' option is appearing in Skipper ios and android apps
Choose files or drag and drop files
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