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North Park 50.3 (Detailed Release Notes)

The following sections come with all detail on the items contained in the release.

App Builder (CMS)

Component/s Issue Type Summary

App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug CMS: Android Previewer does not work.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Push notifications: scheduled push notifications received with ~ 30 mins delay.
Partner Dashboard Bug Unpublishing logic issues
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug 500 error on login on CMS
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Push notifications: Scheduled push notifications remain in the scheduled tab on CMS and don't delivered to device.
Analytics Bug Analytics is no longer receiving data
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Food Ordering: All transactions are missing in the CMS
Partner Dashboard Bug Partner: 'Page not found' error page appears when visiting 'My apps' section (only for new partners).
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Transactions: all merchandise orders are displayed in all Merchandise features
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Transactions/Merchandise: exported data is blank and has 1970 order dates
Macapp Bug New iOS dev builder is busted
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Push notifications: unable to send push notifications to iOS users on several apps
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug CMS: 'Failed to copy and backup the app #767099' Error is displayed after click on 'Start Over' button
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Push notifications: unable to send a push notification to Private App Store on specific app code.
Enterprise Mac App Improvement Ability to select teams for enterprise macapp
Macapp Task Investigate specific macapp error
Publishing Improvement Add Apple account validation skipping for private app store
Macapp Improvement Move the push publish failure message to "Comments"
Macapp Bug The teams selection dialog is hidden for the push note macapp
Ops Bug Certbot Renew failure
Mobile API Bug  "Assigned to Group" push notification sending logic to enable for Enterprise App store
White Label CMS Bug WL CMS: a user is unable to log in when enters creds manually.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Merchandise: all fields are disabled in the Delivery section for new merchandise feature on feature/WEBSER‌-7159.
Mobile API Bug Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) translations do not affect mobile (PWA/Android/iOS).
Partner Dashboard Bug The "Welcome" setting doesn't affect the partner Welcome block
Frontend Website Task Remove all code related to Pardot
Partner Dashboard Task Add "Chinese, Traditional (Hong Kong)" as an available translatable language
Partner Dashboard Bug Add-on update: Incorrect coupon code is added to subscribe URL
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Correct BG for Image gallery to be the same on all platforms
Frontend Website Task Remove phone number from all pages
Ops Bug has expired (?!?!)
Partner Dashboard Bug AddonHelper::get_used_license_count() - Fix invalid parameter
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug "Contact Us" option through dashboard returning error
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Groups: Guest access counter isn't increments when user open app via guest access
Frontend Website Improvement Replace Pardot with Hubspot for website forms
Superadmin Dashboard Improvement Add "Unpublishes" to Op Metrics / Publishes
Partner Dashboard Bug Unpublished apps show as active
Frontend Website Improvement Add new legal page to the website
Ops Bug memcache is filling up (again), potentially unrelated login issues
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Already purchased add-ons are displaying "Purchase" button with "Installed" status
Frontend Website Bug Signup: PHP Error on reseller info request success page
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Cannot connect Twitter to Push Notifications
Frontend Website Bug Frontend website: shifted footer on reseller info request success page
Mobile API Bug Switch Android push note API URL to fcm from gcm
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Froala: empty image frame remains after adding an item with image in description and adding another one after
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug "App type" on Analytics and on Dashboard are displaying different data
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Push Notifications: custom timezone selected for a scheduled push resets after refresh
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Loyalty User Activity csv doc does not display emails
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Analytics data not showing on the dashboard page but showing on the app analytics page
White Label CMS Bug Design page does not load on WL CMS.
Publishing Bug Translation tool: Original name of the country becomes incorrect after reloading the page
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Add the GDPR supplement to the privacy policy
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Add iOS app store territories to the publish page
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Not able to save content into the WYSIWYG editor for Info Tier 1/2 feature
Mobile API Bug Multiple Language Add-on Issue
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Users not receiving password reset message on specific app
Mobile API Bug Image gallery: Images should be aspect fill
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Sign up: unable to reset password for specific email.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Campaigns: there is blank feature in features list
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug MLS: '[ERROR] No language set!' is on the Merchanise feature.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Modifying the Merchandise feature disables card transactions.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Improve the activity display on events v2
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Sign up/Log in: State of the toggles on 'Sign up/Log in' page isn't saved after reload of the page
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug PDF: Duplicates of added PDF files is created after reloading of the page
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Do not show 'in Add-Ons' text button on 'Group Log-in' page on WL CMS
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Publish: User should not be able to publish without select publish platform
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Publish: 'At least one country should be selected for availability' error is displayed but all countries are selected
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Custom Forms: Submitted Form duplicates when user makes two or more fast taps on 'Submit' button
Mobile API Bug Error is displayed when making reservation on the specific app code
Ops Bug Live iOS count is fluctuating
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Groups: 'Anonymous user' is displayed in Customer List after connecting account to social
Mobile API Bug Homescreen Call Us button not displaying translations from the set language in the Multiple Language Support Add-on on iOS/Android/PWA
Partner Dashboard Bug Partner: Some blank features are displayed when duplicate app
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Design: logo jumping around when editing branding image on scrolling menu
Partner Dashboard Bug Unable to erase specific app code
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Maps do not work on WL domain
White Label Partner Dashboard Bug WL Partner Dashboard: possible to create apps with dashes in appcode which makes those apps unusable on PWA
Partner Dashboard Bug CMS translations: 'Email Invite Sign-up' section disappears after click on it
Partner Dashboard Bug CMS translations: phrases contain weird characters in the translation tool.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug CMS: Order paid with stripe displayed as unpaid
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Publish: The BG does not fit to to screen using 1366*768 screen resolution
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Previewer: The web app previewer does not work in the native preview screen
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Add the ability to disconnect from 3rd party mailing services
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Customers: The consent to email marketing should be displayed when export customer info
White Label CMS Bug Partner Dashboard: Logo applied on Partner dashboard page affects Client Login page and Client CMS page
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Push Notifications: User is unable to connect to Facebook
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Transactions: No location is displayed in 'address' section in CSV file on specific app code
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Menu: section title validation does not work
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug GDPR: The staging URL is present when approve the app usage
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Real estate: unable to preview an image after clicking on it.
Partner Dashboard Bug Weekly insights emails not affected by adjustments of the email template on partner side
Customer Sign Up Pages Bug App templates: food ordering confirmation email templates missing from Food & Dining template
Superadmin Dashboard Task Investigate If the "Color Templates" configuration is still needed
Superadmin Dashboard Task Investigate If the "Industry Templates" configuration is still needed
Superadmin Dashboard Task Remove Engineer & System Checks From ba-panel
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Transactions: searching orders by selecting date does not work.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Info 1: WYSIWYG editor does not allow to change size of the image
Mobile API Improvement Push Notification Appears In Sent Even If It Fails
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Unable to login as client on
Skipper API Bug Skipper sends a push notification for new download every time the app is opened
Mobile API Bug Global search: The thumbnail image look blurry
Customer Sign Up Pages Task Remove PSM program specific text from the subscribe page
Ops Bug Certbot is trying to renew dead partner domains
Partner Dashboard Bug Partner dashboard: previewer does not change after enable/disable 'Account' / 'Analytics' toggles
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug CMS: Unable to scroll the email template on specific app
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Build: No price is displayed on reservation
Partner Dashboard Improvement Partner: When log in to the newly duplicated app do not show "Since you've been away" pop up 
Customer Sign Up Pages Bug Subscription page - spinner position is incorrect
White Label CMS Bug CMS translations: 'Today' is not translated on WL CMS.
Partner Dashboard Bug Partner: Unable to install 'Reviews'
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Music: 'Open file' dialog box doesn't open after click on 'Drop image' button in Froala
Partner Dashboard Improvement CMS translations:  add 'Downloading # of # real estate listing(s)' to translation tool.
White Label CMS Bug CMS translations: 'Braintree Public Key' and 'Braintree Private Key' are not translated on WL CMS
Ops Task Copy email translations to all Costy's child partners
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Promote: Google Play , App Store icons should not look clickable 
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Settings: an error message should be inside the field.
Partner Dashboard Bug Translations: 'Setup in progress' phrase contains weird symbols.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Transactions: The submitted on time present 2 tmes
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Transactions: If the address is not entered remove the commas on CMS,  Downloaded doc 
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Transactions:  the color of 'The List ID you entered doesn't exist in your account' toast should be red.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Push notifications: Pagination issue
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Customers: The selection of the mailing service should reset if user click 'Cancel' button
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Customers: Replace iphone with iPhone in imported info, display status from non capital letter 
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Customers: Remove 0 if created on , last logged on is unknown 
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Customers: Display is favorite as yes/no in downloaded doc
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Improvement Contact us: Message field should not resize
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Groups: Bottom panel remain after add user to group
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Partner dashboard: error messages of Contact Us form overlap the messages menu
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Contact Us: Your Email field color is incorrect
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug White color showing from corners of 6 Plus streamer when taking screenshots
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Analytics: analytics collect wrong 'feature visits' data when visiting Merchandise and Custom forms features from native iOS app.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Component/s Issue Type Summary

PWA Bug Email photo: there is '' in the email when sharing a video.
PWA Bug Features are not displayed on PWA app.
PWA Bug PWA: texts are right aligned when device language is LTR.
PWA Bug PWA: User cannot pass walkthrough in private mode on specific app and only on iOS 10.3.3
PWA Bug PWA: Carousel Images don't cover home screen.
PWA Bug PWA: specific apps do not load in Safari in incognito mode on mobile.
App Builder (NextGen CMS) Bug Redirect Script Not Working
PWA Bug PWA: Unable to log in with Twitter.
PWA Bug Log out doesn't work on PWA iOS
PWA Bug PWA/Call Us: when there are no items on CMS, there is an empty one on mobile
PWA Bug PWA: Specific picture added in editor does not show in PWA but is visible on Android and iOS
PWA Bug PWA: One POI category will not be displayed if POI categories have the same name
PWA Bug PWA: 'Page not found' message is displayed after tap on push notification toast and wrong text is displayed in PN toast on specific App Codes
PWA Bug Persian translation doesn't affect PWA app
PWA Bug Messages: Long messages doesn't have drop-down arrow and doesn't open after click on them on desktop/iOS PWA
PWA Bug Carousel images doesn't stretch to fit homescreen in landscape mode on PWA
PWA Bug PWA: Specific font is cut off on Android
PWA Bug PWA: homescreen icons disappear when the page is reloaded
PWA Bug PWA: linked carousel item gets Redirect message but cannot select buttons
PWA Bug Push notification sent to specific user is delivered to all PWA users.
PWA Bug Contact: Screen Background affects all Contact features on PWA
PWA Bug PWA: on Events v2 , when user (logged in) selects "I'm Going", user name does not show up in User Activity
PWA Bug PWA: Carousel Images are zoomed out when opening on desktop PWA
PWA Bug PWA: Android Individual PN being seen by the user after he logs out
Mobile API Bug Map does not load on the native apps, and previewer on specific app code 
PWA Bug PWA: "more settings" under SETTINGS is continuously loading on PWA on specific app code 
PWA Bug PWA: Clicking on "Close" on fan wall v2 when preview photo navigates out of the tab 
PWA Bug PWA: Delete comment is visible without swipe on PWA
PWA Bug PWA Not Recognizing Google Maps API Key From Partner Dashboard
PWA Improvement Display the item q-ty for the item option if it's price is 0
PWA Bug PWA:  if an item's option is $0.00 you cannot remove it or change quantity
Mobile API Bug App Consent Screen not showing text on the specific app code
PWA Bug PWA: Google Maps error when for PWA's for WL apps
PWA Bug PWA: Cannot Choose Item Options in Merchandise Feature when Device is in Hebrew
PWA Bug PWA: Custom Form Theme Font is not applying to Custom Form
PWA Bug PWA: In Contact feature, using directory view image buttons are overlapped by comment field if there is no description
PWA Bug The avatar is oval shaped when attending an event on PWA
PWA Bug PWA: specific app showing incorrect splash screen
PWA Bug PWA: The the scrolling is broken on 'put us on the map' screen
PWA Bug PWA: Signature is broken if submit from PWA
PWA Bug PWA: Facebook/Twitter/Google do not stay connected for 24 hours.
PWA Bug PWA: Background color appears on Android/iOS PWA when Ken Burns image transition with vertical images selected
PWA Bug PWA: Parallax image transition on PWA not so smooth as on native iOS
PWA Bug PWA: Image gallery showing the white screen on open if PWA is added to homescreen
PWA Bug Review prompt not showing on PWA after reopen app
PWA Bug PWA: A letter "Z" is appearing instead of the Messages icon
PWA Bug Very long loading time for specific PWA App on Android devices only on Firefox
PWA Task Update our Facebook API methods to v3.0 for PWA
PWA Bug Google is indexing the print_html view for info tiers
PWA Bug PWA: Images preview on events v2 should match native mobile apps
PWA Bug PWA: Photo preview issue on Fan wall v2
PWA Bug RTL/PWA: 'Search' icon overlays 'Close' icon in 'Search' bar on Merchandise feature
PWA Bug PWA: Remove the "No comments" text on PWA 
PWA Improvement PWA: The delete photo text should be centered
PWA Bug There are devs notes in page source of the PWA.
Mobile API Bug Unable to link social accounts on specific app
PWA Bug Merchandise: Image in list view should be Aspect Fill
PWA Bug PWA: UI adjustments on profile page
PWA Improvement PWA: Done checkmark should use button colour
PWA Bug PWA/Mailing list: Do not clear the fields if user subscribed with alredy registered email
PWA Bug PWA: If the contact item has only 1 item display the feature name
PWA Bug PWA/Consent modal: Remove outline for the button
PWA Bug PWA: Q-ty pop up, cart icon are cut off on Hebrew 
PWA Bug PWA: Correct open times placement to match native mobile
PWA Bug PWA/Contact: Remove the shadow in comments section
PWA Bug PWA: I'm going does not appear after delete avatar
PWA Bug PWA: Correct buttons position on Merchandise on cart screen
PWA Bug PWA: Correct colour for message icons
PWA Bug PWA: Instagram images preview should match iOS
PWA Bug PWA/Mailing List: fields are not being cleared automatically after subscribing
PWA Bug PWA: iOS 11.3 webapp is very difficult to select birthday drop downs
PWA Bug Email Form Comment Box Redirects To Top of the Screen When Characters Are Inputted
PWA Bug Profile: Unable to login with different FB/Twitter user after unlink account
PWA Bug Email Form: form is fully scrolled to the top after using signature field on all platforms
PWA Bug When opening a PWA from another PWA the home screen images are zoomed in.
PWA Bug PWA: Text formatting does not work for News description
PWA Bug PWA: Remove outlines on info tab to match iOS/Android

Native iOS App

Component/s Issue Type Summary

General Improvement Slide out menu: Slide menu shjould slide in the same way on both iOS/Android

Improvement Around us: POI details should be above the location pins

Improvement Music: Improve the display if Music feature is blank

Improvement RTL: Make text input right aligned when saving record on Voice Recording page

Improvement Make the behavior identical for the name field on sign up/in profile
Push Notifications Improvement Push notifications: linked feature should not be opened if a customer does not have access to it

Improvement Music: If there is no header image for tablet do not display the blank space

Improvement YouTube: Improve avatars quality

Improvement Music: flip comments' and 'description' sections.
Around Us Improvement Around Us: Make description box static and shorter as on Android

Improvement Image gallery: Correct images count / distance per line

Improvement Real estate: the listing additional info should have the same order as on CMS

Improvement Real estate: if there is no additional info do not navigate to additional info screen

Improvement Sport stats: Display more space before truncate the text

Improvement Consent modal: the default text should be visible without scrolling

Improvement Website: Remove the blank footer line if hybrid browser is off

Improvement Real estate: The location details should be displayed similar to Android

Improvement Food ordering: move the item required options q-ty to the left on couple pixels

Improvement Display the item q-ty for the item option if it's price is 0

Improvement Settings: Add network pop up alert in attempt to change more settings in offline mode

Improvement Contact: remove the dash if no end time is added

Improvement Call us: Display 'Nothing found' text if no phone numbers added

Improvement GDPR: Consent modal should resize depending on the amount of text

Improvement GDPR: All pop ups should appear only after consent modal

Improvement News: url should be displayed as link

Improvement Name main accessiblitiy buttons

Improvement Push notifications: User should be navigated to the message when tap on push notification

Bug iOS: app is currently showing PT-PT instead of PT-BR translations

Bug Around us: Sorting does not work properly if categories have the same name

Bug News: the links are not clickable on iPad

Bug Profile: The cancel is not centered

Bug News: Do not display the click state if the news item has no link

Bug Music: All tracks/ Albums section is not visible

Bug Info tab 3: items should be semi-transparent

Bug Info tab 3: Section Titles should not be transparent

Bug Image gallery: App crash on zoom in image on iPad

Bug Contact: correct open times position

Bug Unable to close real estate item if it is opened via global search/slider etc on iPad

Bug Correct 'nothing found' text placement

Bug Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) translations do not affect iOS

Bug Home: the more button BG is not fully cover the button on iPad

Bug Settings: app font is used for settings header if exit app via shake to refresh

Bug App Analytics shows 0 iOS downloads.

Bug Specific push note url does not open

Bug YouTube: Don't do any sorting of comments to match PWA

Bug Membership: the gust text should be fully displayed

Bug Reservation feature Crashes on iPad on specific app code

Bug Image gallery: Images should be aspect fill

Bug QR Scanner: App crash on scan invalid QR code
Contact Bug Contact: Screen Background changed on one Contact feature affects all Contact features

Bug Home: There is dividing line on iPad

Bug There’s a flickering of white dividers between the menu buttons
Contact Bug RTL: Correct placement of opening hours on Contact feature
Events v_1/2 Bug Events v1: do not show line divider if there are no events.
Around Us Bug Around Us: Location isn't displayed on some POI on the Map View
Food Ordering Bug RTL: Correct alignment on Food Ordering feature

Bug Unable to log in in offline mode with valid data.
Food Ordering Bug RTL/Food Ordering: Text input becomes left aligned when inputted text is deleted

Bug Golf course: there is no way to open menu

Bug Golf course: remove the dividing lines on new game

Bug Golf course: the "Tap + to add new game" should use main text colour 
Mailing List Bug RTL: Text input isn't right aligned on some Mailing List text fields

Bug Global search: section names should use main text color

Bug Global search: Remove the N/A on global search

Bug Unable to open global search with scrolling menu

Bug Real estate: App crashed on specific listing

Bug QR Scanner: remove dividing lines

Bug Music: BG color does not apply if no header image is selected

Bug Consent modal: correct font colour

Bug Car finder: Unable to add photo
Push Notifications Bug Push Notifications: Message sent to a specific user from customers page isn't delivered to mobile Device

Bug RTL: Correct alignment on Sign Up screen

Bug RTL/Mortgage Calc: Wrong alignment for the 'Interest Rate' hint

Bug RTL: Wrong alignment for cursor in search bar

Bug RTL: Correct alignment of elements on Messages/Subscriptions page

Bug Mortgage Calc: correct total payment color to use black text color

Bug News: Images should not blink when expand item
Around Us Bug Around Us: Points of Interest from different Categories on the list view have only one color when names of categories are the same

Bug News: Correct news buttons if "social news' selected 

Bug You Tube: Video preview has the black bar in the bottom on iPad

Bug You Tube: Comments duplicate if open info section

Bug Consent modal: Scrolling does not work on iPad

Bug Finnish translation does not work for “Log in” in iOS app.

Bug Remove the unused line in take photo overlay

Bug Profile: Replace "Logout" with "Log out" 

Bug Profile: User is not redirected out from the profile when navigate out with unsaved changes

Bug Home: There is a blank space in the bottom of the screen with scrolling menu

Bug Membership: ok button in pop up is not clickable when login with invalid data

Bug Sign up: the BG loads each time when open screen
Image Gallery Bug Image Gallery: Long description overlays image

Bug News: Add ... if the news text is truncated
Loyalty Bug Loyalty: Keyboard overlays 'Cancel' and 'Stamp' buttons in landscape mode

Bug Music: Incorrect BG is displayed on music

Bug Image gallery: Images quality is low

Bug Real estate: The listed by section should not be clickable

Bug Real estate: specific text is not fully displayed

Bug Consent modal: check box should use button BG/Text colour
Loyalty Bug Loyalty: a user is able to skip sign up screen and redeem loyalty when 'Upon loyalty redemption' option is set on CMS.

Bug UI API called on a background thread

Bug Food ordering/Reservations: Unable to naviage back from payment screen

Bug Reservations: Display the full address in reservations list

Bug Events v1: events are not sorted by date.

Bug Messages: User cannot get access to the app after tap on the back button straight away after visit of the Messages tab

Bug Food ordering: Display the options/qty in the past orders

Bug Food ordering: Remove the TEST text

Bug Food ordering: Done checkmark should use button colour

Bug You Tube: Move the timestamp to right

Bug Food ordering: The address is not saved

Bug Food ordering: Global font is not applied to the Cancel/Select buttons

Bug Private App Store: user requests membership, is added to a group, but does not receive confirmation push note

Bug Customers being logged out of Membership on specific app after leaving app
Food Ordering Bug Food Ordering: time slot expiration does not work

Bug Customers: when consent is disabled customer data is not displayed

Bug RTL: Correct 'Learn more' text position

Bug Push notifications: The "\" character added in the Push notification title, within the alerts pop-up

Bug RTL: Comments are incorrectly aligned on all features with comments

Bug Image gallery: No scrolling available on image description

Bug Unable to cancel Twitter login
Food Ordering Bug Food Ordering: address autocomplete does not work
Music Bug Music does not remain paused when playing something in another app and returning to BA app
Homescreen Bug Scrolling layout: tab button images load each time you scroll the homescreen

Bug Unable to open Profile after deleting customer.

Bug App crashes after switch between the features

Bug GDPR: 'Email sent successfully' pop up appears after Consent Modal

Bug GDPR: User is able to proceed without parent approve if app usage was already approved once

Bug GDPR: Learn more does not work on some app codes

Bug GDPR: Consent appearing several times when groups are enabled in multiple scenarios

Bug GDPR: Reduce the font size on 'Email sent successfully' screen

Bug GDPR: Email screen does not look good in landscape

Bug GDPR: Email sent successfully text should be bold
Info 1/2/3 Bug Two prompts appear when user is clicking on linked telephone number in Info features

Bug GDPR: Do not allow slide toggle in offline mode

Bug Sharing doesn't work on iPad
Info 1/2/3 Bug Info 1/2/3: User is able to scroll image to the right only when he tries to zoom image

Bug Around us/Contact: See infinity loading in description section, all content is loaded 

Bug iPhone X: Correct 'Post comment' button in landscape

Bug Music: paused music start play automatically if tap on post comment / or lock,unlock device 

Bug News: There is no dividing lines on news

Bug News: text not fully displayed comparing to Android if expand news item

Bug Notepad: User should be able to save edit not when tap on 'Done' checkmark

Bug QR code: Correct dividing lines in landscape

Bug Share: Share message is not fully displayed

Bug YouTube: Some comments are not displayed

Bug YouTube: Users avatars are blurry

Bug YouTube: Remove the blank space in videos list

Bug YouTube: Text on long comment overlapping

Bug Privacy Policy does not work on iOS Private Apps

Bug App crashing when users swipe images inside of the album

Bug Image gallery: Link is not clickable in photo description

Bug Contact Feature Showing Black Overlay On Contact's Description on specific app code

Bug Loyalty: Text moved on redeem

Bug Use the app's global font type for the Privacy Policy
Push Notifications Bug Push notifications sticker is always on 1
Homescreen Bug Slide out menu overlaps "Messages" icon when its on the left side

Bug Sport stats: "No fields" is not affected by translations

Bug Subject issue on share

Native Android App

Component/s Issue Type Summary

Improvement Make text on Custom Forms feature similar to iOS

Improvement Loyalty: the Not started/Expired text should be fully displayed

Improvement RTL: Correct placement of Close and Back buttons on Sign Up screens

Improvement RTL: Correct text input to be right aligned when saving record on Voice Recording page

Improvement Fan wall v2: Reduce the spacing on fan wall v2 replies

Improvement Consent modal: Default text should be visible without scrolling

Improvement QR Scanner: Increase button size on Tablet

Improvement Music: The progress bar should be present when the track/record is playing
Reservations Improvement RTL: Add more spacing between 'Book it' and 'Share' buttons

Improvement Messages: Correct UI for messages with offers

Improvement Messages: Correct UI on messages for Tablet

Improvement Reservations: Correct UI to match iOS version

Improvement Reservations: Tablet improvements

Improvement Real estate: resize the POI details pop up on map

Improvement Real estate: Tapping on listing should zoom in the POI with pop up text on Tablet

Improvement Real estate: reduce the listings size on Tablet

Improvement Mailing list: Correct text position for Tablets

Improvement Fan Wall v2: On Gallery tab make placement of photos in landscape mode similar to iOS

Improvement Food ordering: Tablet UI improvements

Improvement News: Display 2 news columns for social news for tablets

Improvement YouTube: Improve avatars quality

Improvement Email Photo: UI improvements for Tablet

Improvement Events v2: Add comment button should be bigger for tablet

Improvement Contact: Make the UI on contact tab same as on iPad

Improvement Consent modal: Improve the UI for tablet

Improvement Correct divider lines on Settings/Profile screens.

Improvement Make the cursor always visible
Music Improvement Music: change placement of 'comments' and 'description' sections.

Improvement Home: UI adjustments for slide out menu
Music Improvement Music: increase 'post comment' button size.

Improvement Messages: 'Close' button should be outside of 'search' box.

Improvement Mortgage Calculator: 'Calculate'  button should not be clickable if required fields are not field in.

Improvement News: Add space in under news description

Improvement Image gallery: Allow users to change the image display in cover-flow display

Improvement Image gallery: Remove the play button from album (grid view)

Improvement Real estate: the photo/listing info should have the same height

Improvement Real estate: Correct alignment to match iOS

Improvement Consent modal: Add notification when resend email

Improvement RSS: Add the ability to zoom in/out the webpage

Improvement RSS: Remove the dividing lines

Improvement Website: Improve the zoom in-out the website

Improvement Profile: Reduce the blank space at the top of the "Update password" screen to match iOS 

Improvement Food ordering: The "Card" should be selected by default on the "Cart" screen 

Improvement Display the item q-ty for the item option if it's price is 0

Improvement GDPR: Page content should display once all data is fully loaded

Improvement GDPR: Make corners of Consent modal more rounded
Real Estate Improvement Real Estate: Make UI similar to iOS and add automatic zoom to location on the map when the user taps the item of the list as on iOS

Improvement Update Android Push Message system to FCM

Bug Android client sending localized strings for integer API arguments

Bug Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.) translations does not affect phrases in the native app

Bug All images(backgrounds; icons; avatars and other) aren't displayed on Android P throughout any app code

Bug Push Notifications are not showing up in Inbox (Android and iOS devices)

Bug Scheduled Push Notifications are not delivered on schedule

Bug Loyalty: comments are focused on close loyalty info

Bug Profile: Remove something went wrong toast on cancel link Twitter account

Bug App crash on close consent modal on Android Pie

Bug Share: handle the case when share via Twitter with Japanese, Korean and Chinese 

Bug OF key is not localized

Bug Skipper sends a push notification for new download every time the app is opened

Bug Around us: Sorting does not work properly if categories have the same name

Bug My location text is not localized

Bug YouTube: Don't do any sorting of comments to match PWA

Bug Music: App crash on open albums

Bug Contact: Screen Background affects all Contact features

Bug Unable to share on Facebook.

Bug Car Finder: Navigation icons isn't affected by the UI Controls Color option from Design page

Bug RTL: Correct alignment on the Contact feature

Bug Around Us: 'My Location' text is missing.

Bug Around Us: Some POI is displayed without location on the Map View
Food Ordering Bug RTL: Wrong alignment on Food Ordering feature
Food Ordering Bug RTL/Food Ordering: 'Cart' icon overlaps the 'Items' heading if proceed to the Items page via 'Order More' button
Food Ordering Bug RTL/Food Ordering: ''x'' button overlays text inputted in the search bar on the Items and Categories pages
Food Ordering Bug RTL/Food Ordering: Address box on the map is blank

Bug Real estate: App crash on specific listing
Loyalty Bug RTL/Loyalty: Wrong alignment for text input and 'Your Activity' section

Bug Golf course: Add arrows on add game
Loyalty Bug Loyalty: 'Not Now' button overlays 'Have an account' text on Sign Up screen

Bug RTL: App crashes when selecting birthday on Profile page or Sign Up page

Bug Around Us: reduce empty space in description.

Bug RTL: Incorrect alignment on RSS feature

Bug RTL: Wrong alignment on Voice Recording page

Bug Memebrship: Update text when create account with incorrect email format

Bug Membership: make the buttons visible when keyboard is active on Tablet / reduce the fields size
Music Bug RTL: Incorrect alignment on 'Music' feature

Bug Profile: UI improvements for tablet

Bug RTL: Fix alignment on Settings>Profile page
Reservations Bug RTL: Wrong alignment on Reservations feature

Bug Food ordering: App crashed

Bug RTL: Wrong alignment on Events v2 page

Bug Name sample text is not centered

Bug Podcast stops playing audio after some time

Bug RTL: Correct alignment for Privacy Policy

Bug RTL: Wrong alignment on Consent Modal screens

Bug Real estate: UI adjustments for tablet

Bug RTL: Descriptions on all features are not Right Aligned

Bug RTL/Settings: Wrong alignment on Settings page

Bug Image Gallery: the description background color is wrong.

Bug Notepad: App crash on add blank note

Bug Fan wall v2: App crashed on replies

Bug Real estate: Remove the map view for Tablet

Bug Info tabs/Menu: Correct font-size for categories

Bug RTL: Search bar overlays 'back' button on Messages tab

Bug Mortgage/Tip calc: Improve UI for Tablet

Bug Delivered location-based Push Notifications isn't displayed in the messages feature.

Bug You Tube: Video previews look too big for tablet

Bug Specific user Avatar does not display

Bug Loyalty: reduce the 'i' icon size on Tablet

Bug Homescreen BG image should not move when 'more menu' is shown.

Bug Fan wall v2: Correct elements display in Tablet

Bug Direction view: remove the dividing lines on direction view

Bug There are no features on homescreen when 'Scrolling Menu' layout is set on CMS.

Bug Music: Make the description selected by default

Bug Profile: 'Save username to google' prompt should not appear.

Bug Issues when link social account to membership user

Bug Notepad: UI issues.

Bug Mailing list: Correct UI on Tablet

Bug Sign up: Correct the icons appearance on login screen

Bug Sign up: Message icon is too small for Tablet

Bug Home: Add clickable state for home screen
Loyalty Bug Loyalty: correct default text on Stamp loyalty screen.
Golf Course Bug Golf Courses: total column is empty.
Golf Course Bug Golf Courses: 'Overview' and 'Main Menu' remain when switching between 'Players' and 'Overview'
Golf Course Bug Golf Courses: black line appears when editing score.

Bug Image gallery: Add image counter

Bug Real estate: No description should be present on CMS if the description is turned off on cms

Bug Real estate: wrong description is displayed for real estate items

Bug Real estate: The photos should not scroll automatically

Bug App crash on app launch on Android 4.2

Bug Crash on Website tab

Bug When logging in from Settings to account, displays no features

Bug Real estate: Add counter in Photos preview

Bug Home: 2 features will be opened one by one if tap on them one by one in menu

Bug Reservations: Replace OK with Yes on cancel reservations

Bug Food ordering: App crash on open cart

Bug Consent modal: check box should use button BG/Text colour

Bug Homescreen image is blurred when 'Blur Effect' option is disabled on specific app code

Bug Events v1: events are not sorted by date.

Bug Voice recording: The space is replaced with underscore if save recording

Bug Push notes linked to a website URL do not open the website
Food Ordering Bug Food Ordering: No automatic line break for 'Specific Instructions' text box

Bug News: Less text is displayed on Android comparing to iOS

Bug Loyalty: The user icon is overlapping by the "your activity" text

Bug Messages: Correct the search bar UI to match other features

Bug Global search: Correct point colours for contact item

Bug Food ordering: Image in list view should be Aspect Fill

Bug Food ordering:  Price should be right aligned in confirmation pop up for the itmem without image

Bug You Tube: Loading animation is interrupted when scroll comments to load more

Bug Food ordering: "Please select ${Q-ty}" moved to the left 

Bug Food ordering: Arrows in "locations" screen should use main text colour 

Bug Consent modal does not display text

Bug App crash on open loyalty

Bug Signup: < button is cut off on Reset Password screen on a specific device

Bug App crashes on launch on Huawei G7 L03
Loyalty Bug Loyalty/RTL: correct share button, name and description placement

Bug RTL/Fan Wall v2: Photo is outside of comment section

Bug If the contact item has only 1 item display the feature name

Bug Membership: Extra + is added if create user with 2 words in the name

Bug User should be able to sign up/log in with Twitter after cancel login

Bug Music: Music does not stop play if user receives incoming call

Bug User is able to open home screen in landscape after specific steps (Android 8, Android P) 

Bug Customers: when consent is disabled customer data is not displayed

Bug Loyalty: device rotate after scan QR code on specific device

Bug A photo taken/chosen doesn't add into the email template on Samsung s6 and s7

Bug Reset password does not work

Bug Contact: if item description is long item automatically scrolls down after opening on Android P

Bug Contact: Facebook sharing results with an endless spinner

Bug Email Photo: Correct UI if there is more than 4 photos added in the 'Recent photos'

Bug Around Us: search field text area is shifted

Bug RTL: Most all keys are not translated on Hebrew
Partner Dashboard Bug Partner/RTL: do not adjust position of header elements
Partner Dashboard Bug RTL: specific keys on partner dashboard not affected by translations
Partner Dashboard Bug Partner/RTL: "X" button in Search field overlaps the placeholder

Bug Website: Error message is displayed on Android with specific website

Bug Homescreen background doesnt load correctly with GDPR consent, remains blurred

Bug GDPR: User is unable to proceed to the app after request for permission to access the app and receiving Permission via parent email

Bug GDPR: All keys should be translatable in Child/Minor age consent option

Bug GDPR: Font in consent modal should be black

Bug Loyalty: The stamp circles are not filled in after stamp, see infinity loading after stamp

Bug GDPR: Do not allow to edit the toggles in offline mode

Bug Fan wall v1: Swap text placement for reply text/username

Bug Events v1: Selecting manual order display events in different order than on CMS

Bug Events v1: When events sorted by date the month should not be present

Bug Sign up: Tapping on back button navigated out of sign up screen

Bug Loyalty: 'I' icon should use main text colour

Bug Merchandise: Correct button position/colour to match iOS

Bug Music: Remove the header title on track details

Bug Music: Music start play after the phone call ends

Bug Podcast: Music start play automatically after stop podcast

Bug All phrases in the app are English when the device language is Hebrew.

Bug Share: User is able to post to Twitter when characters counter exceeded

Bug Sport Stats: Numbers in Stats Fields are not fully displayed on Android when specific font selected

Bug Music: Music does not play after minimize app

Bug Share: Twitter share message should allow 280 char.

Bug Tip calc: Unable to calculate price if the total amount < 1

Bug Voice recording: No info text when share voice

Bug YouTube: Commentes duplicate if lock> unlock device

Bug YouTube: User avatars are blurry

Bug RTL/Global search: Correct text placement

Bug RTL/Messages: Correct text alignment

Bug RTL/Reservations: Correct text alignment

Bug RTL/Real Estate: Correct text alignment

Bug RTL/Music/Notepad/Sport stats: Correct text alignment

Bug RTL/Mortgage, Tip Calc: Correct text alignment 

Bug RTL/Mailing list/YouTube: Correct text alignment

Bug RTL/Loyalty: Correct text alignment

Bug RTL/Fan wall v1/2: Correct text alignment

Bug RTL/Events v1: Correct text alignment

Bug RTL/Call us: Correct text alignment

Bug Website Feature Showing Incorrect Data From Website

Bug Android user is duplicated in customers

Bug Messages: delete button should be centered

Bug News: reduce space under the thumbnail

Bug Golf course: BG should fit to screen

Bug Display scrolling in froala
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