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Gaslamp Release

This release brings some fantastic new features and improvements that change the way we communicate and interact with small business customers.

What's new:

  • Enhanced home screen design
  • Major improvements to the Events feature
  • New App Profile page
  • Increased customizability for our Loyalty feature (Android coming soon)
  • Redesigned Message Center (Android coming soon)

In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the rollout of Gaslamp, we have created somewhat of a Progress Page for you to reference along the way.

1.  Eye-catching app home screens

Easily brand your app with a business logo for a professional look in under a minute without using Photoshop! (We actually timed our Product Team while they demonstrated this new feature).


Let’s talk tech:  We have upgraded the "Home Screen Header Background" feature to give you the ability to place an image over all other image elements in your app.  This means you can place a logo on top of a static background image or slider images, allowing for a photoshop-free way to properly and professionally brand your apps!  

2.  Gorgeous and full-featured Events view

We have redesigned the Events feature to give you much more flexibility, together with a fresh, contemporary look. Customize the settings to fit whatever type of event you are hosting.

Let’s talk tech:  Been longing for a calendar view? Have an event but no imagery to accompany it? Tracking attendance isn't a priority for you? Have an event but no need to display the location ? Our new and (much) improved UI includes:

  • All-new calendar view
  • Imagery is now optional when adding events to your calendar
  • We have merged commenting and photo sharing so that users can easily interact
  • Attending and photo sharing is an optional setting that can be applied to all "Single", "Recurring" or when “Importing” events.


3.  Even more powerful loyalty programs
Our Loyalty feature has received a large overhaul. From more options for earning stamps to enhanced fraud settings, this loyalty update is designed to drive repeat business.

Let’s talk tech:  Our new and flexible loyalty feature comes with:

  • A completely redesigned user interface
  • New redemption options that include QR Code Scan and GPS Check-in
  • New fraud blocking tool that requires the users location in order to enter a secret code or scan a QR code
  • Stamp loyalty imagery is now optional
  • New optional loyalty description and instructions page.
  • Loyalty activity displays just the specific app user’s activity, instead of all app user's activity (for enhanced privacy)


4.  Attention-grabbing messages

We have redesigned our Message Center to improve effectiveness and usability. Now users will never miss your call to action!

Let’s talk tech:  Besides removing unnecessary filters, we have added:

  • A subject line that allows messages to be sent with an optional title to help grab the user’s attention.
  • New large “action buttons” (CTAs) for linked messages to improve usability and engagement.
  • Push notification offers loaded inline in the user’s message center.


5.  Simplified social logins enabling more personalized marketing

We have improved and consolidated social logins into our App Settings view for greater usability and discoverability. Getting more customers to sign-in means learning more about how those customers interact with your business and enables you to communicate and market to them individually.

Let’s talk tech:

  • Due to app store requirements, we have evolved the old social feature to a new App Settings page where your mandatory privacy policy can be viewed in addition to managing accounts/logins.
  • The Privacy Policy URL is defaulted onto our provided policy. If you wish to use your own you can provide your own URL.
  • If you had previously hidden the social widget, we remember your settings and will hide the Facebook and Twitter options.
  • In addition, the Profile Page allows the business owner to collect valuable information about their customers (extremely useful for territories where Facebook and Twitter are not as common).
  • Members can now logout through the Membership item.
  • When using the multiple users option, each user can now update their own password.
  • The Terms of Service item is optional, and can be turned off if desired.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out these other notable changes:

  • Shake to refresh has been removed from your live iOS apps based on customer requests (however, it still works for the preview app).
  • All header images are now the same size throughout the app to remove recommended height confusion.
  • Improvements made to Twitter news and shared hyperlinks / images.
  • Our “Sliding List” navigation type now has left aligned feature name's if there are no icons selected or
  • uploaded.
  • Hyperlinks located within the WYSIWYG editor will now open in full screen web view.
  • Our New Multi-Language Support Add-on is included in the mobile source code, but will be released at a later date.

And that's all folks.  We hope you enjoy Gaslamp in all it's glory.  Also feel free to email us at, or give us a call at (800) 549-8138.

With you, our client, in mind.
- The Product Team

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