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Pre-North Park Release

Our team has been working hard to ship some exciting updates to our Progressive Web Apps (PWA). A lot of you have been waiting to support loyalty programs for PWA and it’s finally here! We have also made some serious speed improvements and our promotional material is now compatible for PWA.  We have termed this release "Pre-North Park" in an effort to move up the release timeline for these Progressive Web App specific enhancements - rather than wait for the full North Park release - which is coming in January 2018.

Loyalty programs come to Progressive Web Apps (PWA) 
The loyalty feature is ready for Progressive Web Apps! PWA users will now be able to launch straight into the loyalty feature without having to download a native app. Users simply sign in to access their loyalty stamps from any device, through Facebook or Twitter.

The PWA loyalty feature performs in the exact same way as the native feature with regards to collecting and redeeming rewards:


Speed Improvements
Our progressive web technology has received a speed upgrade, allowing the PWAs to perform faster than ever before. The performance and loading time of our PWAs will now provide the best possible experience to end users.
The details:

  • We have increased PWA performance and more specifically loading time by 400%!
  • iOS saw the largest performance improvement, especially when adding the PWA to the homescreen.

Push Notifications Additions for Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Following support on Chrome, we have now added browser-only support for push notifications on Firefox and Opera.

Promo Kit Expansion
The promotional kit is even more flexible, allowing you to build app marketing materials for native apps and progressive web apps. You can now also take new screenshots within the Promote section, allowing you customize app screenshots for all materials. You can even customize your flyers to launch straight to the PWA homescreen, a specific app feature, or a custom URL.

The “Promote Web App” option allows you to “Open to”:

  • App Homescreen: This will take the user to the homescreen of the app after they scan the QR code.
  • Specific Feature: This will display the feature list within the dropdown so users can pick which feature they would like the app to launch to after they scan the QR code.
  • Custom URL: This will allow the app admin to input a custom URL of their choice.

Finally, we have added new Staff Training Poster customization options to allow you to customize the poster to the corresponding app platform - include Google Play Icon, App Store Icon, and/or Web App.

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