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App Settings with Privacy Policy (Gear Icon)

With our Gaslamp source code, we are happy to release the Settings feature! This new view replaces the old Social Feature and houses all user information under one location. Within the app, this information can be found under the "gear icon" in the upper right corner. 

Note: This applies to apps on Andriod Coronado (47.3), Andriod Gaslamp (48) and greater, as well as all iOS apps. These apps will now have a mandatory App Settings view. 


How To:

1. To choose which settings your users will have access to, log into the app and navigate to Settings on the left side menu. (When Sign-up is disabled)

2. Under Settings, go to App Screens at the top of the page. Here you can edit:


  • User Accounts
    • Email Address: Allow Users to create custom profiles using an email address. If your user adds a profile picture or name, it will display under user activity. 
    • Allow account linking with social media: Allow users to log into Facebook, Twitter or Google.
  • Terms of Service: Add your own terms of service and display it within the app. 
  • Privacy Policy: Opt to display our default Privacy Policy or upload your own to appear within the app. The Privacy Policy is mandatory per Apple and Google's requirements. 
  • Social:
    • User Commenting Ability: User commenting is enabled globally throughout your app, but you can disable it here for all features except the Fan Wall and YouTube features. 
    • Social Onboarding: Enable a prompt for your users to log into their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This feature will be enabled by default. 
    • Share Default Message: Enter a default message you would like to send when users share from within your app. 

3. If the membership setting is used in your app, this is where your users can logout. We have also included an update password ability for your users. This update password feature is not available for the single access membership account or for guest users. For more information about the membership setting, click here


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