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How to Create a New App

This article applies to Partners who want to create a new app in their Partner Dashboard.

Note: If you're looking for step-by-step instructions on different parts of the app-building process, check out these sections of the Help Desk:

Feature Overview and Setup
Building Your App
Designing Your App
Preparing to Publish


1. Log into your Partner dashboard here.

2. Navigate to the My Apps section and select the blue Create button to get started.

3. A window will pop out from the right side. This is the Mobile App Information page, where you input all the basic info for your app. Everything besides the app code can be edited later through the Info section. 
  • App Name: The name that will appear in the App Store/Play Store once your app is live.
  • App Code: The unique code you (and your client) will use to preview the app. Once your app is published and live, the app code links it up to our platform. This cannot be changed later, but keep in mind, no one but you, your client, and us will know it exists. We recommend keeping it short and memorable since you'll use it often.
  • App Icon Name: The name that appears below the icon when the app is installed on a device. It cannot exceed 12 characters. Any longer, and it would be cut off on device screens.
  • Username: The username your client will need to log into your client panel to edit their app.
  • Password: The password your client will need to log into your client panel to edit their app.
  • Client Name: (optional): Your client's name.
  • Client Email: Your client's email address. This will be used for password recovery, mobile orders, and reviews. 
  • Client Phone: (optional): Your client's phone number. 
  • Label: Label your apps for easy organization. Use our suggested labels, or create your own. You can only select one per application. 
  • App Store URL, App Store ID, and Google Play Store URL: These cannot be completed until after your apps are live in the App Store/Play Store. Once they are, you can follow this tutorial to fill these fields out. It's important you remember to complete this process later, since these URLs are critical in many features. 
  • Web App URL: This field will auto-populate when you publish your web app/PWA.

Note: If you receive an error for app code, this means the app code is already taken. To move forward, you can add numbers to the end of your app's code to make it more unique (e.g. mynewapp > mynewapp123).

4. After you click Save, your new app will appear under the My Apps section. There are two views available for the My Apps section; grid and list view. For the purposes of this article, we will be referring to the grid view.

5. Hover over the new app and select Login to get started. When you log in, you'll be taken to Step 1 of the onboarding process. Select an Industry for your app from the first dropdown menu.  Click the Industry field to reveal your choices, and select the best match.

6. The App Name field should already be pulled from the Mobile App Information section, but here you can change the App Name if needed.

8. The App Icon Name field will also pull from the Mobile App Information section. If the name is too long, this step will automatically reduce your app icon name to 12 characters. Here you can customize your name or leave it as-is.

9. Under Starter Sets, select a template for your app. You can scroll through the available options, but the first 3 options you're presented with are recommended for your app's industry.

10. To view a Live Preview of a template, scroll your mouse over the app you want to preview and click the Preview button. Click this to launch a simulation of the app.

11. Back in the template section, select the option you like and click Select followed by the Done button. You'll be taken into the CMS, where you can get started designing and building your new app.

For the next steps, check out:
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