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How to Remove Your Apps From Unneeded Countries App Stores

How to remove your iOS and Android apps from territories your business does not operate in.


In most cases, your businesses does not need to be available globally on the App Store. For example. If your application is for a restaurant, law firm or dentist office that would only have customers in the United States, you can easily configure this in iTunes Connect and Google Play so the application will not be available outside the USA App Store.


If you do not wish to comply to the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), removal of your app from all EU countries is also a necessity to ensure that you are not going to have any EU app users. 



Configure available territories for your iOS application.

Step 1. Login to iTunes Connect with the developer account of the app.

Step 2. Navigate to My Apps, then App Store.

Step 3. On the left menu select Pricing and Availability

Step 4. Find the Availability section on the page, you will see an Edit button next to ‘All territories selected’

Step 5. From this screen you will want to deselect the countries you do not wish to offer your application in. Tip, its much easier if you deselect from all, then enable the ones you wish to include.

Step 6. Click done and save. Now you’re all set! It may take a number of hours for the changes to go live so keep this in mind.




Configure available countries for your Android application.

Step 1. Login to your Google Play account.

Step 2. Select your application from the list.

Step 3. On the left menu expand the ‘Store presence’ section and select Pricing & Distribution

Step 4. Part way down the page you will find a Countries section with a large Manage Countries button. Select this.

Step 5. You will notice this will display a large table on this page, scroll through this and mark the countries you wish to remove your app from as Unavailable. 

Step 6. Once you finish managing your countries, select Submit Update at the bottom of the page! 

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