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Previewing Apps With Clients

Making sales is all about showcasing the product in terms of what it can do for a client. So it's important to share examples of your work when meeting with potential clients. You're more likely to secure the sale and instill confidence in your clients they're going to get their money's worth. There are multiple ways to preview a created app with a potential client. Check out the options below.

Most ways to provide a demo require that you utilize the appcode for the app you'd like to showcase. The app code can be found in the CMS in the upper left corner under the app icon. It can also be found by hovering over the app in the My Apps section of the Partner Dashboard. Or if you have List View enabled, it can be found under the App Code field.

How To: Progressive Web Apps

1. You can publish Progressive Web Apps from your account and share the URL with your clients at any time. Simply log into the application's CMS, navigate to the Publish step, select Web App, and press "Submit." 

2. You will receive an email from with the specific URL for your PWA, which you can share with your client.

3. PWA URLs always follow the same format:

This is why it's critical to set up your client panel subdomain. You may also include any app code from the "Demo Apps" section of your Partner Dashboard in your PWA URL. 

How To: Native Apps with

1.  Direct your clients to Preview Your App

2. To Preview the app, enter the app code in the Email Address field, press Next and then click Go. There is no password necessary.

3. The app will load in their browser and function much like the native app would.

How To: Native iOS Preview App

1. You can also install the Private App Store version of Preview Your App to showcase the app on a iOS device.

2. Send the below link to yourself via email.

White Label:

BA Preview:

3. Open the link in Safari on a iOS device and click Install Now.

4.  On your device, go to Settings > General > Device Management and select trust. 

5. As before, enter the app code into the email address field and leave the password field blank, then click Go. The app will load on the device and function nearly the same as it would when live and installed.

Note: This link should NOT be shared with your clients. When the link is opened and installed, the pop up will say "BiznessApps-Ent" as the developer name on the untrusted developer prompt.

How To: Native Android Preview App

1. Navigate to the Google Play store and search for Preview Your App. 

2. Clients CAN install the Android Preview app to their devices as it is fully whitelabeled. 

3. As before, enter the app code in the Email Address field, press Next and then click Go. 

4. You can also send your clients the QR code below for the Android previewer. They'll just need a QR scanner app on their device. When they scan the code, they'll be directed to the app listing, where they can easily install it.

How To: Screenshots

1. Another way to showcase your product is to use screenshots from the Previewer site or the pop-out preview tool.

2. For instructions on taking screenshots on different devices, check out this great site.

3. You can email screenshots to clients to give them an idea of their app's functionality and design.

4. In each step of the CMS, you'll notice a pop-out preview tool on the right side of the screen. You can take screenshots of this preview tool, though we do recommend sticking with the native apps for the sake of accuracy.

How To: Give Access to the CMS

1. When you add an app to the platform, you assign a username and password to it, which your clients will use to log in to your Client Panel to view and edit their apps. Please review the article here for creating username and passwords for your clients. 

2. Send your clients their login credentials once you're ready. They can log into your client panel to access the CMS and view the pop-out preview tool on the right side of the screen. 

In addition to all the above options, send your clients URLs or QR codes for your existing, live apps. This is a great way to showcase your published apps and give them a better understanding of how their live app will function.

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