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How to Migrate My A-Record to a CNAME

At Bizness Apps, we’re always looking for ways to advance and refine system performance.

That’s why we are asking resellers to update their domain configuration from an A record to a CNAME by June 11, 2017.

Not only will this increase network stability, but it will also decrease potential downtime. This is a required change for all subdomain set ups, as we plan to completely migrate over to our new system by June 11, 2017.

Currently, the Client Panel (your white label login portal) is set up using a subdomain pointed to our IP address. Making this slight change through your domain host will not cause any downtime to your apps or CMS pages.

Please check out these help desk articles for information on updating your domain on some common hosting providers:


1 & 1


* To test your DNS record to see if it is set yours up correctly, enter your subdomain URL here:

If you need further assistance, please reach out to or call us at +1-800-549-8138.

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