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Order Confirmation Emails

When users place a food or merchandise order or reserve an appointment through your app, they receive an automated confirmation email detailing their request. Many people don't know that these emails are customizable!

Q: Where do I customize the content of the email?

A: In the Food Ordering, Merchandise, and Reservation features, location the "Emails" section. You'll see the Customer Email and Admin Email sections, where you can add auto-populated items to your email's content. Begin customizing your subject line and template. You can choose from the available objects at the bottom and add these into your message template.

Q: Can I translate these confirmation emails into a language besides English?

A: Definitely! In that same editing field, click the Translate Objects field to convert your confirmation emails to the language of your choice. This means all users who receive the emails will get them in the specified language.

Q: What about the "from" email address that appears as the sender of these confirmation emails? Why does it show my email address?

A: Reseller accounts have a "contact email" associated with them. This email will appear as the sender for all confirmation emails from apps under your Reseller account. If you'd like to change this, just shoot us an email. Normally, people adjust it to an invalid email like "" so users are notified when their email bounces back and will reach out directly to the business instead. Again, remember that this email applies to all apps within your account, so you won't want to put your client's email address here.

Email into us at with any additional questions!

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