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1/19 - 1/23: Apple's New Upload Requirements

Many of you have been receiving upload error notices from Apple over the last few weeks like the one below. The email refers to February 1st changes to their upload requirements, as well as a June 1st update requirement change. There's no need to worry about these notices.

Q: What do these requirement changes mean?

A: 64-bit optimization is an advanced architecture that the iPhone 5S and all later iPhones now feature. Apple has begun phasing out their older generation devices, which don't include the 64-bit chip. Our apps already include the iOS 8 SDK, which essentially means they're compatible with iOS 8 and perform well on devices running this version.

Q: Do I have to do anything when I receive these emails?

A: Nope! Apple is informing you that your app upload was successful, but warning about future changes.

Q: Is Bizness Apps prepared for those future changes?

A: We sure are! Our next source code release will include the mentioned 64-bit optimization, and our apps already include the iOS 8 SDK. This means that when our next source code is released, all apps published/uploaded with that source code will meet the above requirements. Apps already published/live are unaffected by this change, but as Apple mentioned, app updates will face the same requirements come June. This won't be a problem, since apps published after our next source code release will be loaded with our most up-to-date source code.

Q: When will this new source code be available?

A: We plan to begin uploading apps with the new source code no later than February 1st, in order to meet Apple's deadline. We'll send out affirmative updates and post on our blog when the release date is finalized.


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