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Translating Your Apps

Our Reseller-specific translation tool allows our customers to add their own custom translations to their apps. Previously, our apps would detect the device's default language and translate hard-coded text according to our own "global" system translations. Now, your own translations can replace our "global" translations.

Q: How do I do it?

A: From your Reseller dashboard, click My Client's View from the left-side menu. Select Translations from the drop-down menu. Next, click Mobile Apps, and a menu will appear. Select Features to view feature-specific translations, or Common to view app-wide translations. You can also choose Mobile Website Only to make changes there.

You'll see all translatable "objects" in the list below. They're organized by tab, in alphabetical order. Just click in the Translation field and type your new translation, then click Save.

Q: Can I use this tool if my apps are running older source codes?

A: You can use the translation tool, but your translations will only work for apps running  Chestnut source code (February 2, 2015) or later.

Q: I'm not seeing my translations through the preview app. Why not?

A: Since our preview apps are technically not housed within your Reseller account, they won't reflect your translations (yet). For now, only your live apps running Chestnut and newer will reflect the translations. Soon enough, we'll be updating our preview apps so they display your Reseller translations as well.

Q: Does this feature only benefit international customers?

A: Not at all. "Translation" is just a general term. You can use this feature to add your own preferred terms to your apps rather than using ours. For instance, in the Real Estate tab, our default section titles are "Own" and "Rentals." If this doesn't make sense to you and your customers, just translate that text to whatever works best for your needs. Keep in mind, these translations will apply to all apps within your Reseller account, so it's important to keep them general enough for all your clients & users.

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