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Advanced Loyalty

Our newest source code release, Ivy, introduces a new way to use the Loyalty tab! Instead of offering one reward when a stamp card is complete, with the Advanced Loyalty system, you can offer rewards along the way.

Q: My app went live recently. Can I use the Advanced Loyalty feature?

A: We released our Ivy source code last week, so if your iOS app is already live, it's most likely operating on an older source code (Hazel, Chestnut, or earlier). If you've published your app since April 10th, it will be uploaded with our Ivy source code and support the Advanced Loyalty feature! If your app is already live on an older source code, you'll need to republish to utilize this feature.

Q: What does the "Earn Credits for Installing / Accepting Push Notes" settings do?

A: If you enable this setting, users will automatically earn a given number of credits (which you control) when they enable push notifications after launching the app. This allows you to reward your new users, and directs them to the Loyalty tab so they start collecting stamps ASAP.

Q: I'm already using the regular Loyalty feature. Can I enable both?

A: You sure can! The standard Loyalty system can be used along with the Advanced Loyalty feature. The two different coupon types can both be added within the normal Loyalty tab. Just click "Add Advanced Loyalty" to get started with the new feature.

Q: My app is pretty old. If I want to update to Ivy, are there any risks involved?

A: One thing to keep in mind is that before mid-April 2014, coupons didn't carry over during app updates. That means that once a user installed an update to the app, they would lose their stamps/check-ins. If your app hasn't been published in the last year, your users may lose their coupons when you republish and update it. If your app has been published in the last year, you have no need to worry—the coupons will remain.


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