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How to Move Your Subdomain From an A-Record to CNAME: GoDaddy

How to move your subdomain from an A-Record to a CNAME on GoDaddy.


A CNAME (Alias) record points to an A (Host) record. You can create multiple CNAME records and point them to an A record. The most common CNAME records are the subdomains www. and ftp.

CNAME records make your DNS data easier to manage. If you change the IP address of an A record, all CNAME records pointed to that A record automatically follow the new IP address. The alternative solution, multiple A records, is not as simple as using CNAME records.


How to add a CNAME record. Click here to read more.

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and navigate to "My Products."
2. On your product list next to Domains, click the plus sign button to expand the list.
3. Select the domain you want to manage and click on the DNS Zone File 

4. Click on your current subdomain (login, client, etc.) then select the trashcan icon to delete the subdomain. Do not Save. 

5. Before saving, select 'Add Record' and re-create the subdomain. 
  • Record Type: CNAME(Alias)
  • Host (Login, client, etc.)
  • Points to:

6. Click Save. The new subdomain will now appear under CNAME (alias). 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to 

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