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Editing Your Client Panel NextGen

Your client panel is the portal your customers will log into to access and edit their apps. You can edit the images, color scheme, and accessible content right through your Reseller Dashboard in order to make the system reflect your brand and allow clients access only to the features you want them to see.

Editing Appearance and Access

1. Click "My Clients View" > "App Builder CMS" on the left side of your Partner Dashboard.

2. Edit your Dashboard Theme.
  • Input a Title (this will appear for all your clients, so make sure it's general).
  • Upload your logo, which appears at the top of your client panel.
  • Select your theme colors. The preview to the right changes as you select colors, so you can get an idea of how it will appear.

3. Configure the Header Links under Sections.
- Choose a color for the links.
- Remove links for features you don't want your clients to have access to.
- If applicable, add links to your home page, customized help desk, etc.

4. Disable steps you don't want your clients to access.

5. Enable your Previewer. Select a play image or background color.

6. Customize your Login Page, where your clients will navigate to access your client panel.
  • Choose your color set. You may want to go with a scheme that blends well with your client panel.
  • Upload a background image. In the example below, the background image is transparent, so it overlays the background color, creating a nice effect. You can get creative with this!
  • Add custom HTML code (this is only recommended for very advanced clients).

Translating Your Client Panel

1. Click "My Client's View" > "Translations" on the left side of your Partner Dashboard.

2. Use the search bar, dropdown menu, or just scroll down to locate the section you wish to translate.
  • Translate App Builder (CMS), Mobile Apps, Skipper, Email Templates

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