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Single Clients: App Upload & Approval Process

Once you've published your app, there are a few steps that must happen before it's live and downloadable in the App Store and Play Store. Both Apple and Google have review processes, though the two differ significantly.


iOS Approval Process

Total Time: Approx. 1 - 2 weeks (assuming approval)

1. Once you publish your app for iPhone/iPad, you'll receive an email confirmation stating that we have received your publish request. If you do not receive this within an hour of publishing, please contact our support with your app code and app name, so we can verify that the publish request is in our queue.

2. We will upload the app to the provided Apple Developer account within 3-5 businesses days after receiving the publish request. Apple then takes 1-3 business days to approve or reject your app. 

Overall, it takes about 5-8 business days for a regularly submitted app to be fully published. 

3. If you're using your own Apple Developer account, you'll receive an email from Apple at each stage of the upload process. (Note: If you are using Bizness Apps' developer account, you will not receive these emails). These are the standard stages an app will go through (see here for Apple's details on each one):

  1. Prepare for Submission: We've begun the upload process.
  2. Waiting for Review: The upload process is complete and the app is awaiting Apple's review.
  3. In Review: Apple is currently reviewing your app.
  4. Processing for App Store: The review process is complete and your app is being prepared for release.
  5. Ready for Sale: Your app is now live and downloadable in the App Store.

4. After the review process is over, Apple will either approve or reject the app. Clients using their own Developer account will receive an email notification when their app is approved or rejected. If you're using our Apple Developer account to host your app, remember to check in with us about 5 business days after publishing for the app status. If your app is rejected, please read over this article and contact our support with the app code, app name, and rejection reason if you need assistance getting it resubmitted.

5. Once your app is live, you can begin marketing your app.

Android Approval Process

Total Time: Approx. 24 - 48 hours

1. Within 10 min to 2 hours of publishing for Android, you should receive the APK file for the app via email. If you do not receive this, please email us with your app code and we can send you the APK file manually.

2. After following these directions, the app should go live in the Play Store within 24 hours of submission. Google will reject, remove, and suspend apps, so it's important to adhere to their guidelines at all times to ensure your app remains active in the Play Store.

3. Once your app is live, you can begin marketing your app.

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