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Language Options

Languages can be tough to accommodate when you're not working with a custom-built app, but we have some options that help you cater to a multi-language client base. There are just a couple terms you need to know first:

  • Hard-coded: This refers to text that you can't control in Design, like home screen button text ("Call Us," "Directions," "Tell Friend"), pop-up prompts ("Enable Push Notifications"), and more. Anything you see in your app that you didn't write yourself is typically hard-coded. That means it's pulled from our general system-wide settings and applies to all apps on our platform.
  • Translation string: These are specific translatable words or phrases.

Default Translations

Hard-coded text should automatically translate into device's default language. Text you manually input (tab titles, anything you add in Design, etc.) will not auto-translate. It will appear as-is for all users. If you want your app to serve more than one language, it's best to duplicate your content for each language. (For example, in an Info feature I'd translate my item description into another language below my English description.) Keep in mind, the best option is to create another version of the app for each additional language. This provides the best user experience.

Note: Default translations will apply to your app if you're a free trial user or Single App Client.

Custom Translations

If you're a Reseller, you can add your own custom translations for your client panel and your apps. Check out this article for details. This allows you to override our system's default hard-coded text for each available translation string. (For example, if I want my "Call Us" button to just say "Call," I can translate it to that and this change will apply to all apps in my Reseller account.) It's important that you select the correct language from the drop-down menu on the top right before beginning your translations. The default selection is English.

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