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Transferring Your Clients To Bizness Apps

As a Partner, you may need to transfer one or more of your apps from your Partner account to the Bizness Apps' account at some point. We are happy to help you out with this, but there are several steps necessary to complete the process.

Note: This would be a solution if you are not able to provide services to your client anymore or you have decided to discontinue your partnership with Bizness Apps, but still want to keep the app(s) live. 


1. Send the app code(s), along with the name(s) on the billing account, the name(s) to Support and confirm that you would like it transferred out of your partner account. If you are having the client take care of this process, you will still need to email us granting permission to transfer the app out of our account, and this email must come from the email associated with the reseller account. From there, we will transfer it into a single app account. Once the transfer is complete, this will free up an app credit in your account.

2. Once the app has been transferred out of your reseller dashboard, the client will need to log into their app from Bizness Apps and subscribe to create a billing account in our system.

3. Developer Accounts

You have a couple options here:

  • Ask your client to sign up for their own Developer accounts. If you go this route, you will need to transfer the apps out of your accounts and into theirs. See here for information on the Apple and Google Developer transfer procedures. 
    • For information on signing up for a Apple Developer account, please refer to this help desk article.
    • For information on signing up for a Google Developer account, please refer to this help desk article.

4. Confirm with Support. Let us know when all the above has been completed so we can verify and rebuild their push notifications in the new developer account. 

5. Lastly, please make sure that your client is now logging in here (under the CMS login not the Partner login), rather than through your client panel.

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