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How to Set up the Video Splash Loading Screens

Adding a video splash screen is simple and can give your app that extra professional look. Below you can find the requirements for creating a video splash screen.


  • Resolution: 750x1334
  • Length: No longer than 6 seconds
  • File size: No limit
  • File type: .mp4
  • For iOS only


  • Once you've created your video splash screen, please send it in to our Help Center either before or at the time of publishing your app.


  • You can provide a link to the hosted file (for example, a public Dropbox link) in the Special Upload Instructions field of the publishing window.


  • When creating a video splash screen, the shorter the better. Too long of a video splash screen can be an inconvenience and may turn users away from using the app.
  • DO NOT use any Apple, Google, or Android logos. This will cause the app to immediately be rejected.

Please note that we cannot upload video splash loading screens for Android devices.

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