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Screenshots: Overview & Tips

Screenshots are a key aspect of your app listings. In both the App Store and Google Play, you'll select featured screenshots to give prospective users an idea of the functionality your app contains.

These screenshots are uploaded in the Publish Step, where we grab them during the iOS upload process. Since they can't be changed without an update after the app goes live, it's crucial your screenshots are exactly as you'd like them when you publish your app. If you'd like to update them later, the standard $50 update fee will apply for iOS.

Screenshot Dimensions
  • iPhone 5: 640x1136px
  • iPhone 6: 750x1334px
  • iPhone 6 Plus: 1242x2208px
  • Tablet: 1536x2048px

Screenshot Tips
  • Do use this great tool that provides instructions on taking screenshots with different devices and computers. On iPhones, hold down the home button & screen lock button. On Androids, it's usually the same, though on some devices it's the volume up button & the home button.
  • Do upload at least 3-5 screenshots for each size. A shot of the home screen, More or Modern menu, and a specific tab are usually safe bets. Regardless of what you choose to include, just make sure you're showing some functionality.
  • Don't upload screenshots taken on an Android or any devices besides iOS. Apple will reject apps displaying other companies' products.
  • Don't display content or functionality that isn't currently in your app. If your screenshots look different than the app in use when Apple review it, they'll reject for that as well. For that reason, it's usually best to create your screenshots after your apps is complete.
  • Do ensure the screenshots are appropriate for all viewers (4+), even if the app has a higher rating.

  • Preview Apps: The simplest way to grab screenshots, you can just load the preview on your device and snap your shot, then email them to yourself or use the Dropbox app.
  • Screenshot Tool: Under the Screen Shots section of the Publish Step, just click the 'Take Screenshots' button, and our screenshot tool will take 3 screenshots per device size for you. You don't need to wait around for them to load—just check back later to see your newly created screenshots. (Note: If you have a Membership Feature enabled, be sure to uncheck the "Require Login Credentials" box before generating screenshots, or the Screenshot Tool will not be able to proceed past the login screen.)
  • You can similarly use your browser to take screenshots. Just load the app in the simulator and take screenshots of it from there. However, since this software is powered by a third party, it's less reliable than the first two options above.
  • Pop-Out Preview: The in-dashboard preview is also an easy way to take screenshots. However, like, this software is powered by a third party and thus less reliable than the first two options above.

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