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Throughout the app dashboard, you'll see Description boxes that use the "What You See Is What You Get" editor. You can achieve a lot with this editing panel. Most of the options are pretty straightforward and mirror those offered by programs like Word. You can hover over an option for a hint at what it does, but the best way to learn is by diving in.

  • Add HTML
  • Apply Global Styling, font, color
  • Format text: normal, quote, code, header
  • Customize text: bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough
  • Add bulleted or numbered lists
  • Outdent or indent
  • Insert image or video
  • Add a table
  • Add a link to text or images
  • Align text: left, center, right, justified
  • Insert horizontal rule
  • Change font size
  • Add Video
  • Insert Table
  • Upload a File (PDF, Word Document, etc.)
  • Clear Formatting

Note: The WYSIWYG editor isn't intended as a full HTML solution, but you can use it to tweak the HTML of your descriptions within reason. CSS and other coding languages cannot be used here. If you experience issues with your description's appearance/layout, we recommend wiping the HTML and starting fresh. Copying/pasting content from website's into the description often leads to hiccups in the HTML.
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