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Customizing the Previewer on your Client Panel

Q: How can I customize my previewer?

A: You can now customize the previewer so it is rebranded with your colors, logo, etc. You can do this by logging into your Reseller Dashboard, selecting My Client's View > App Builder (CMS). Then select 'Previewer' in the top menu bar. Here you can fully customize your previewer!

Q: What can be customized?

A: You can customize the Background Color, Play Button, and Loading Image.

Q: What are the recommended pixel size and format?

A1: Background Image: 320 x 568 in PNG format
A2: Play Image: 139 x 139 in PNG format
A3: Loading Image: 139 x 145 in PNG format

Q: Where will this appear?

A: This will appear in your rebranded client panel ONLY. Please note that this will not appear when previewing the app through your reseller dashboard or on your front end site.

If you have any more questions about customizing the previewer in the client panel, please reach out to us here!
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