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New Partner Glossary

API (Application Program Interface): APIs allow us to integrate the functionalities of other apps or software with our software. For example, the YouTube API allows us to display and play videos.

APK (Android Application Package): The file you’ll receive when you publish for Android. This file needs to be uploaded to the Google Play Store to make the app live in the store or to update the live app.

App/Site Design Service: Option for partners who want their app or Bizness Website designed by our design team for a fee. This is a great resource for people in the early stages of the Reseller program who need to focus on sales. You MUST have a website to build the app off of. Check out the articles below for more information on app and website designs.

App Design
Website Design

App Code: A unique identifier that we use to locate an app or that partners will use when previewing an app on the Preview app. We recommend making the code something you’re sure you will remember. It must only be comprised of numbers and letters without any spaces, and 5-12 characters long (this is not a hard and fast rule, but will make it easier for Customer Service to locate your app).

Apple Developer Program: Apple’s developer program that all partners MUST be signed up for in order to publish their apps in the iTunes Connect store. There is a $99 annual fee for this account. See this article for more information. 

App Rejection: When an app store deems that an app is not within their guidelines and does not allow it to be live in the app store. Check out this article for guidelines and fixes. 

Client Panel: All partners have a white labeled app-builder, where their clients log into in order to view & edit their app’s content and design. Logos and images are customizable, and client access can be limited to specific steps. 

CMS (Content Management System): Another term for our Bizness Apps platform, and any other system, that allows content organization & publishing.

Developer Account: Where apps are uploaded. Partners must have their own Apple & Android Developer accounts to publish their apps. Each has a subscription fee—Apple is $99/yr. and Android is a one-time fee of $25.

Duplicating apps: You can duplicate apps, then edit them according to the new client. This is great if you are building many apps in the same vertical. 

Private App Store: iPhone apps that are not published in the app store and are distributed via email. These are only available as add-on features and are white labeled. 

Features: A specific feature available in our apps. You can build your app by adding a variety of functional features.

Geofenced Push Notification: Push notes that are automatically sent to users when they enter a pre-specified area. The user must have the app downloaded and allow push notes in order to receive the push note when entering the geofence. 

Google Developer: The account in which all your Android apps are hosted. Partners are responsible for managing their own Google Developer accounts and for all Android uploads and updates. See here for account overview and set up.

Google Play Store: The site where app users can search and download their Android apps.

iOS: The operating system used for all iOS mobile products.

iTunes Connect: The website where our upload team submits apps to Apple for the iTunes store. This is also where partners can check their app upload status and iOS app download analytics.

iTunes Store: The site where app users can search and download their iOS apps.

Native Functionality: A feature that was developed using native code for both iOS and Android, as opposed to being a web-based feature. See here for info on which apps utilize native functionality. 

OS: Operating System (generally used in reference to Android products). 

Partner: You! A partner is a white label reseller.

Preview App: App solely developed for previewing other apps. We have a branded and white label option for iOS & Android. Users plug in their app code and it loads their app as if it were installed on their device. Find instructions for previewing apps here

Publish: The act of taking your app from demo to live. When partners publish their apps, we receive an upload request. We upload iOS apps, whereas partners upload their own Android apps. Web Apps are instantly live once published. It takes 1-3 weeks for an iOS app to go live (3-5 business days for us to upload and 5-14 days for Apple to review it). It only takes about 24-48 hours for the Android app to go live after it’s uploaded to Google Developer.

Push Notifications: Pop-up messages sent via apps, received in the user's notification center. Ours have options like linked tabs & URLs, templates, geofencing, subscription, grouping, and scheduling.

Rebranding: Removal of a company’s logo, name, and documented connection to a product. Our platform is “rebranded” for our White Label clients.

Republish: Publishing an app that has already been published. This is done when a client wants the app to use a new source code or makes changes to the Publish step in the dashboard. We charge $25 dollars for an iOS update. Check out this article for more information about when it's necessary to republish, and this article for instructions on republishing your Android app. 

Reseller Dashboard: Where a partner can manage their client panel and apps in one place. Only their apps will show here.

Source Code: An app’s source code is the code on which it operates. We update the source code regularly to add features and improvements. You must update your apps in order to access the new source code and its features. See below for more specifics of what each source code entails:

North Park Release
Pre-North Park

Subdomain: URLs that have a prefix before the domain name, like Our partners set up subdomains, which act as their login page for their client panels. Users input their credentials to access it. Find set up instructions here

Update: Updating apps is the same process as the initial publish. You republish the app in order to update the source code. You need to update for changes in the metadata (publish step) and to access new features on updated source codes.

Upload: The process of uploading apps to be published to the app stores. We will upload your iOS apps for you and you will upload your Android apps. See here for the upload terms and conditions, and here for info on the upload approval process. 

White Label: Your clients will never know our name. All our apps and client panels are 100% white label, so you can rebrand everything with your logo and company name.

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