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Managing & Purchasing App Credits

App credits represent your ability to publish and maintain iOS apps. Whenever an app is published for iOS, a credit is deducted from your available credits and assigned to the app you are publishing. If an app is unpublished, the credit is made available again to use with a different app. 

Each app credit allows you to publish an app to a specific platform, either iOS or Android (e.g. if you are publishing a client’s app to iOS and Android, you will be using 2 credits).

How To: View Available, Used, & Active Credits

1. Log into your Partner Account.

2. Click the arrow in the top right corner to reveal a drop-down menu, then select Subscriptions.

3. From here, you can view your Base Subscription and additional plans, as well as available and used credits.

Total iOS Credits: Total number of apps published for iOS.

Remaining iOS Credits: Total number of app credits remaining.

How To: Purchase Additional Credits

1. To purchase additional credits, click the arrow in the top right corner to reveal a drop-down menu, then select Subscriptions. Click the Add Credits button.

2. Under Order Summary, adjust the quantity to the number of additional credits you'd like to purchase. You can also update your Payment and Billing information in this window as well.

3. Select Add Credits when you're ready! The app credits will be added to your account automatically, and a new subscription plan will appear under Subscriptions.

Note:  App credit plans are independent of your Base Subscription, which means you'll be charged separately for the two. If you're starting a new credit plan, you'll be charged immediately and your credit plan will renew on that day of the month from here on out. If you're adding credits to an existing plan, you'll be charged immediately for the prorated amount of the new credits, but your credit plan billing date will remain the same.

If you unpublish an app, you'll receive the original app credit back. This credit is freed for use on another app, but your monthly fee will not decrease. We don't lower monthly fees if you no longer have a need for your additional app credits. Credit plans are a monthly commitment just like your Base Subscription, so be sure to only purchase the amount you need!


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