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How to Integrate HP ePrinter

Use the HP ePrinter to automatically print out your order & reservation confirmation emails. You can easily connect your HP ePrinter to the Food Ordering, Merchandise, and Reservation tabs. When you sync up your printer, order & reservation confirmation emails will automatically print out on the synced printer. These confirmations will mirror the ones you already receive via email.

To get started, first verify that your printer is connected and ready. You should also register the printer with HP and locate its email address. For more info, check out your printer's manual.

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. On the platform, go to the Content Step and locate the feature where you'd like to enable ePrinting.

2. Scroll down to the Location(s) section. If you already have locations added, just click Edit next to the one you'd like to sync to a printer. If you haven't added any locations, you should do so now by clicking Add New Location.

3. In the location's Email Address field, input the HP ePrint email address, then click Save at the bottom.

4. That's it! Once you've synced up your printer, it should begin receiving and printing new orders immediately. If you'd like to sync additional locations with this printer, just repeat the process above for each location. If you'd like different locations to connect with different printers, just provide the email address for each printer in its corresponding location's Email Address field.
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