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Orange Release

Apps published: October 29, 2015 - April 2016 (iOS & Android) 

Feature Upgrades (Update Required)

Membership Accounts:
  • Create one or many unique user logins for your app.
  • Assign users to specific groups and customize their access levels.
  • Enable Guest Login to provide non-users with limited access.
  • Set a custom background for your app’s login screen.


Messages Feature:

  • New Subscriptions category: You can now create subscription categories through the Messages section of your dashboard. This is similar to a mailing list, but in a mobile landscape. These categories will appear in a new menu within the app’s Messages feature, where users can opt out of receiving the types of messages they wish to ignore. 
  • When sending push notifications, you can filter by subscription categories to target the right users and avoid bugging the wrongs ones. All push notifications will be viewable in the Messages feature, regardless of users’ specific subscription settings, but only users subscribed to a list will receive alerts from it.

Segmented Push Notifications:
  • You can now select target groups or users (or both) from your Membership Accounts for more customized push notifications.
  • Need to alert parents about report cards or remind faculty about this week’s conference? Just select that group from the list and only users registered to that group will receive the alert and see the message in their Messages feature.

Music and Podcast Feature:
  • Users now have playback controls in the Music and Podcast features: Fast-Forward/Rewind, Next/Previous, and track scrubbing allow for precise control over your audio playback experience.

Visual Improvements (Update Required)
  • New popup dialog design. This uses the button color you’ve selected in your app’s Global Style section, adding a touch of color to the normally drab boxes. helping your messages stand out in a whole new way.

Notable Changes:
  • Reservations Feature now uses Braintree integration and no longer supports the PayPal integration of the past.
  • Social feature upgrades to work with Membership functionality.
  • iOS 9 Support with upgraded SDKs for Facebook, Twitter and more.

Updating Your Apps

Read over all the reasons it's necessary to republish/update an app here. See below for instructions on how to republish/update your iOS and Android apps, if you choose to do so.
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