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How to Rebuild Your iOS Push Notifications

Push notifications are a fantastic tool, however these complex certification files and keys can break. We have developed a tool that allows you to rebuild these certificates on your own with ease. You just need to follow these the steps below!

1. First, Head over to your dashboard and find the app that is giving you trouble.

2. At the bottom right, click the 3 dots icon to reveal an action menu. Click Push Publish from the list.

3. You will now see the Push Publish window appear at the right. All of this information must be filled out correctly for your request to go through.

  • Input your own email in the Email Address field. A confirmation of the cert rebuild will be delivered here, so it's critical that you do not input your client's email address, or they'll receive a Bizness Apps branded email.
  • Provide the Apple Username and Apple Password for the account the app is hosted in.
  • Provide the Apple Developer Name associated with your Developer account.
  • Verify that the Bundle ID is correct (see next step for instructions)

4. To verify the bundle ID, head over to iTunes Connect and log in. Click My Apps from the main menu.

5. Next, select the app that is having push notification issues. Select the tab that says App Information. 

6. Copy this Bundle ID and paste it into the Bundle ID field back in your dashboard.

7. Once you've confirmed your Bundle ID and all other info, click Submit. This will add your rebuild request to our rebuild queue. You will receive an email shortly notifying you if your regeneration request was successful or not. Rebuilds generally take no more than a few minutes.

8. If you have multiple teams in your Developer account, your regeneration will take more time. Please allow for 1 business day. If your push rebuild request fails, verify that all information entered is accurate and try once more. If it fails again, please email us with the app code so we can see what's going wrong.

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  1. Abdul Wadud

    Two-factor authentication code is required for submitting Push Publish request.