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Creating a Username & Password for Clients

It's important to create a username and password for your customers so they can log into your client panel, edit their apps and use Skipper.

  • If you have yet to set up your subdomain (client panel login page), first check out this article.
  • For an overview of the client panel, see here.

New User Interface

1. Log into your Reseller Admin Panel and select the gear icon. Your apps will show in either a list format or image format. For the former, find the gear icon on the right-hand side. For the latter, you will find the gear icon at the bottom right-hand corner of one of your apps.

2. Select Edit Info from the pop-up menu.

3. The Mobile App Information page will appear. Fill out the Username and Password fields, then click the Save button at the bottom.

4. Test out the new login info by navigating to your subdomain (login page) and logging in. You should be taken into your own rebranded client panel, where your clients will access and edit their apps.

Note: You can adjust the login info at any point by returning to the Info section and inputting a new username or password. The password field will appear blank after you save your changes. This is just for security purposes.

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