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Cedar Release

Apps published: April 2016 - present (iOS); April 2016 - present (Android)

Feature Upgrades (Update Required)

Food Ordering Feature
  • Multiple pizza sauce types. Limit the user to select just one, or even two!
  • Select the quantity of food the customer can add by giving them a specific range to choose from. (ex. Allow a customer to add up to 3x the chicken to their pizza)
  • Pick your own text for the ‘Search for location’ button ex: ‘Order Now!’
  • If you only have one location, the feature will now skip the location selection step.
  • Edit items already in cart. 
  • If a customer is attempting delivery but they are outside the delivery radius, they will now be prompted to pickup their order.

Contact Feature 
  • Switch between the location based and directory based modes.
  • Website, Call, Directions, and Email buttons are all optional now.
  • Left and Right images are now buttons that can link out to other tabs or websites. The images can also be hidden altogether.
    • Location Mode:
      • Opening hours section will not display if empty.
    • Directory Mode:
      • Choose your header image instead of map view.
      • Option to enable a description field for more information.

Custom News Feature:
  • News widget now has a ticker like animation with applicable thumbnails.
  • Ability to use custom headlines. These can link to its own description information, other feature in the app, or a web URL.
Other Updates:
  • Change image handling throughout app to Aspect Fill. You can read more about this here.
  • Additional web view option for improved handling, password keeping and iCloud Keychain support.
  • Highlight to show modern more button location.
  • New custom loading animation.
  • Added search to ‘more list’ view.
  • Unread Messages Improvements.
  • Golf Course Tee improvements.
  • New UI for membership feature.
Updating Your Apps

Read over all the reasons it's necessary to republish/update an app here. See below for instructions on how to republish/update your iOS and Android apps, if you choose to do so.
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