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Coronado Release

Coronado 47 source code almost is here! Here are some changes to note on the release:
Push Note Changes:

We have completely rebuilt our Geo-fence push notifications feature for Coronado, and it is far superior to the previous versions accuracy and precision. In doing so, we had to change the geo-fence selection ability from the polygon shape tool to become a radius selection.

Because of this, we slightly modified the appearance of these pages, and will be releasing updates to both iOS and Android versions of Skipper for support.

What this means to you:

Apps on older source code: When you send a geo-fence push note to these apps, we will automatically create a best fit polygon based on the circle you have chosen all behind the scenes. This way everything still works, the selection just changes to be circle based.

Apps with Coronado source code: These apps will benefit from the full upgrade to this feature. Each iOS app can monitor up to 20 geo-fences at a time.

Here are some images of what the CMS changes will be. You can see the pages are a bit more descriptive, along with images that will assist in understanding what the ‘Point’ (previously termed radius), and ‘Geo-fence’ features mean. Additionally we have renamed the ‘Active Until’ option to 'Go-fence Expiration Date'.


Payment options now include Braintree, PayPal and PayU.

PayPal Support
PayU API Support

Custom Share Sheets:
This functionality is now available on all platforms: iOS, Android and HTML5.

Google News:
We have made large improvements here regarding speed, appearance and the ability to better search your keywords!

Facebook Signon:
Facebook sign in has been improved to reduce friction at an app level.

WYSIWYG content handling has been improved throughout the app and CMS.

As well as many other improvements and fixes including push notes opening within messages, stamp loyalty to require a secret code when redeeming. 

Updating Your Apps

Read over all the reasons it's necessary to republish/update an app here. See below for instructions on how to republish/update your iOS and Android apps, if you choose to do so.
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