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Push Notification Certificate Expiration Notice

iOS push notifications are activated by a push notification certificate, which we create in your Apple Developer account during the app upload process. These certificates expire after a year, which means they need to be rebuilt once yearly in order for your push notifications to continue working properly.

If you have apps hosted in your Apple Developer account, at some point you'll receive the notice below, indicating that your push notification certificate is due to expire in 30 days. When you receive these notices, it's important that you submit a push notification rebuild request as soon as possible to prevent any push notification downtime. The process is simple, and all the info you need is included right there in Apple's email.


1. Scroll down to the "Identifier" line of Apple's email. This "identifier" is also known as a "bundle ID," and you'll need it for your rebuild request.

2. Next, identify the app code in the provided bundle ID (it follows the last period). Here's the typical format: com.yourcompanyname.appcode

3. Once you've identified the app code, locate the app in your Reseller dashboard, then follow the instructions in this article to submit your push notification rebuild request.

4. After the rebuild is completed, this app's push notification certificate will be active for the next year!

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