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How to Update Old Apps (Pre-April 2014)

If you’re updating an app that was last uploaded before April 2014, some changes will need to be made before you’re able to publish. This includes several fields and images that have been added since the app was last published that are now necessary since the release of Bizness Apps 4.0. The list below will let you know which fields will need attention before publishing. For more information on how to update these items, please click on the tab name to view the tab article.

Note: When you update, your users will lose their stamps, check-ins, and scans. Unfortunately there's no way around this, so we recommend documenting users' progress before the update is released. Once your app is operating on a more modern source code, this loss won't happen again—it's just the transition from pre-April 2014 to later source codes that results in this loss.

Around Us
  • Email
  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Distance Type

  • Left Image
  • Right Image
  • Distance Type
  • Reset Opening Times via dropdown

Events v2
  • Time zone
  • Address Area
  • Background Image

Image Galleries
  • Thumbnail for galleries if the tab includes more than one album
  • Background Image

Loyalty Feature/QR
  • Header Images
  • Background Image​

Mailing List
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Music Tab
  • Multitasking Setting
  • Homescreen Widget Setting

News Feature
  • Newsfeed Widget Setting
  • Facebook Keywords

GPS Coupon
  • Header Images
  • Radius
  • Radius Unit
  • Background Image

  • Video Podcast
  • Multitasking setting

Reservation Feature
  • Header Images
  • Web Ordering syncs with App ordering

  • Screenshots
  • Check background music play ONLY if there is an active music or podcast tab
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