Developer Accounts and Single App Hosting

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2017 02:48PM PDT

To host your app in either app store (Apple or Andriod), you will need a Developer Account with the respective company. 

Apple Developer Account

In order to publish your app into the iTunes Store you will need an Apple Developer account. It is $99/year. This article will show you how to do so.

We highly recommend that all of our clients register their own Apple developer account. However, as this process is time-consuming we can host the app in our Bizness Apps Apple Developer account for an additional $10/month, bringing the monthly pricing from $59/month to $69/month.
Pros of hosting with Bizness Apps:
  • Expertise: We remove the complicated process of account registration and manage the developer account for updates and contracts.
  • Time: No wait time when registering the account – it is already set up and ready to go!
Cons of hosting with Bizness Apps:
  • Control: As the account is hosted with Bizness Apps you will not have any control over the developer account.
  • Access: You will not have access to anything within the Apple developer account. 
  • Branding: If you want to keep your association with Bizness Apps white label, this option is not for you. 
You can select to use Bizness Apps' Apple Developer account when signing up for your subscription or email into to have this added to your account.

Android Developer Account
Registering your own Google developer account is simple! It's just a one-time fee of $25. You will have full access and control of your Android app and developer account! Please see this article about how to register your Google developer account. 
Note: We don't offer single-app hosting for Android, so you cannot upload your Andriod app under our developer account.