Enterprise Partners: How Do I Manage Resellers' Accounts?

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018 12:40PM PST

Managing your resellers' accounts is very simple.

Note: We no longer offer the Enterprise program, this article is only for current Entreprise Resellers. 

First log-in to your 
admin panel here.

If you are still using the old dashboard UI please update to the new one for managing your resellers as there are several features available only though the new UI.

Click Partners on the left side of the dashboard.

From here you can log in to each of your resellers' accounts, edit their account information, track their activity and assign credits.

Onboarding is the partner success onboarding panel. 

Operational activity will show the number of live apps the reseller has.

Dashboard Activity will show which parts of the platform the reseller is using and when.

Recurly is the reseller's app subscription. 

Click the EDIT button for more options.

Under Partner you can change their username, password, contact email and name. You can also add notes about the client, see when they signed up and determine whether they see the old or new dashboard UI.

Under Health you can edit your onboarding settings, view more detailed information about operational and dashboard activity as well as view your recurly subscription.

Under Subscription you can assign or remove credits.

Under Subdomain, you can view your subdomain/ panel information. 

Under Translations, change Skipper Translation settings as well as add or remove Translations.