How to Check Your iOS App Status

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2018 08:02AM PST
In iTunes Connect

Once we've submitted your app to Apple, you can also check your iOS app's submission status through your iTunes Connect account. This is where your App Store listings are created, and where you can manage editable content.

Check out this article for info on what each status means. If your app status is Rejected, check out this article for info on how to proceed.

1. Log into your iTunes Connect account and click My Apps.

2. Find your app by scrolling or searching. Once located, you'll see the app status below the app name.

3. You can also click the app to view its status and listing details.

4. If your app is Ready for Sale, you can click More > View on App Store to view its live listing. (Note: The URL you're directed to is your App Store URL, which you should place in the App Info section on the dashboard to enable crucial features.)