Publishing: How to Update Your Android Apps

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2017 11:34AM PDT
Why update your Android app?
  • For a new source code: additional features and design options, as seen in our up-to-date preview app

  • For Publish Step changes: most items in this step, like the app icon, can only be changed by updating the app

  • For bug fixes: if we confirm that an issue you're facing can be resolved with an update

Note: ​These instructions are almost the same as the ones you followed for uploading a new Android App. See here for step-by-step screenshots. 

Part One: Generating an APK File

1. Navigate to your Reseller Dashboard and locate the app you'd like to publish.*

2. Log in and make sure all the Publish Step content is complete and up-to-date, as the majority of this info is built into the APK file (the file need to upload Android apps).

3. From your dashboard, click the Send to Store in the top-right corner. 

4. Fill out the email address field, where your APK file will be directed, and make sure only the box for Android is checked in the Products section. Note: Unmasked emails (, rather than work best for APK reception.

5. Click the Next button, enter any special notes you may have then click Submit.

6. You'll receive the APK file via email shortly. There's no need to open it—just download it straight from the email. Note: If you fail to receive it within half an hour, just email so we can email the file to you directly. Make sure to check your Spam folder first!

*Single Clients: Since you don't have a dashboard view, you'll navigate to the Publish step after logging in and publish your app from there. See this article for more information on how to publish for a single app. 

Part 2: Updating the APK in Google Developer​

You can follow Google's own instructions here

1. Log into the Google Developer Console using your Google Developer login credentials.

2. Select your app from the list All applications

3. Verify that the Store Listing, Content Rating, and Pricing & Distribution sections are complete (they'll have green checkmarks next to them).

4. In the App Releases tab, click Create release under Manage Production to create a new release of your app. 

6. Upload the new APK file. To save any changes you make to your release, select Save
  • When you are finished, select Review, and you will be taken to the "Review and rollout release" screen. Make sure there aren't any issues with your release before rolling out to users. 
  • Finally, click Confirm rollout to publish your app to all Google Play users in the countries you selected. 

Within about 24 hours, users should see the new update available for download. However, you can check on the status at any time through your console.​