Hiring a Graphic Designer using UpWork

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2017 02:11PM PDT

If you're expecting to produce a high volume of apps, we strongly recommend hiring a freelance graphic designer on Upwork.com. You can search for "Bizness Apps" to find designers who have worked with our platform in the past.

With Upwork you can track your employees' hours and hire as many people as needed, in addition to viewing previous employers' ratings and feedback.



1. Go to upwork.com.

2. Create a job posting for an affordable graphic designer and include Bizness Apps experience as one of the prerequisites.

3. Ask them to watch our orientation videos on app-building here.

4. Create an app in the dashboard just as you would for a client. Give the designer the username & password and send them to your client panel to log in. (No need to share your admin credentials.)

Most graphic designers familiar with our platform can create apps in 1-2 hours.