Getting Started

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2017 03:53PM PDT
Welcome to the app builder!
On the app's dashboard, you can navigate to "Edit" to uncover the Design tab, the Build tab and the Publish tab. This is where you will be creating, designing and publishing your app. 

1. Design Step:

This step allows you to design the look and feel of the app's home screen, including the buttons, the colors and the background imagery.

2. Build Step:

After designing your app, this step allows you to build out your app with useful features. There are many features to choose from, and you will be promoted to fill each of them with your own content, as well as your own branding.  

3. Publish Step:

When your app is fully built out, you will head to the Publish tab to publish your app. Here you will fill out all the relevant information needed to publish your app. 

For a more in-depth overview of each step, take a look at these help desk articles:
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