Gaslamp Rollout Information

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018 01:07PM PST

In effort to keep you up-to-date on the rollout of Gaslamp, we've outlined estimated timelines below.

App Builder (CMS)
  • We’ve released the new CMS updates for Gaslamp.  We've done quite a bit of clean up on the UI so have a look when you get a moment.
  • The iOS "in CMS preview" has been updated with Gaslamp and is ready for viewing!
  • Both the BA and White Label Preview Apps have been updated and will be available for download on Thursday, 
  • We will begin uploading apps with Gaslamp during the week of March, 13 2017.
  • Part one of Gaslamp will be released Friday, 
    • Home Screen Branding
    • Events feature overhaul
  • Both the BA and White Label Preview Apps will be updated and avilaable for download Friday, 
  • Clients can start publishing for Gaslamp APK's during the week of March, 13 2017.
  • Part two of Gaslamp will be released and available on Tuesday, April 11 2017.  Part two includes:
    • More Loyalty Customization
    • Redesigned Message Center
    • UI Improvements throughout app

If you're looking for what's included in Gaslamp, please review our Blog Post

If you'd like more detailed information on Gaslamp, please visit our dedicated Gaslamp Release page.