How to Publish Your iOS Apps

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2016 03:15PM PST

Unlike the Android upload process, we handle your iOS submission completely. All that's required on your end is the proper publishing info to help us do that.

1. Log into your app and navigate to the Publish Step.

2. Make sure all required fields are filled out and all images are uploaded. See here for full details on the Publish step.


3. Once each feature of the Publish step is complete, click the 'Send to Store' button in the Publish section. 

4. The Subscribe window will pop up. This is where you choose which subscription you want to use in order for an iOS app to be sent to the App Store. Select the Subscription of your choice and a drop down menu will appear. 

6. Click the New Subscriber option if you have not previously signed up for a Mobile App Subscription. Choose the Resubscriber option if you have had a Mobile App Subscription previously. Then click Subscribe at the bottom right. It will either prompt you to enter a payment option, or if you have subscribed previously proceed to step 7. 

If you're republishing your app for an update, you'll see this screen instead. The fee to republish is $50. (See here for info on when it's necessary to republish an app.) If you'd like to expedite your update, it's an additional $50 ($100 total). If you see this screen but your app is not yet live for iOS, it may be appearing because you've submitted an app review request in the past. Just return to the Upload Form (click Back) and note that this is a first-time publish in the Special Upload Instructions field.

Note: As the instructions in the image below indicate, if you have received confirmation from our team that your app will be uploaded for free due to a confirmed issue, please note the team member's name and the case number in the "Special Upload Instructions." We will charge for any republish requests submitted to correct issues that a Bizness Apps team member has not confirmed, so please do not republish without first verifying with a support agent via email.

8. If your submission went through successfully, you'll also receive an email confirmation of your request. At this point, the app is in our upload queue!

If there's an issue with your submission, you'll see error messages like the ones below. It's crucial to go back and complete your app before publishing for iOS. These restrictions are in place to up your chances of approval with Apple.