Single Clients: How to Publish Your App

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017 09:51AM PDT
Publishing is the last step you need to take to get your app live in the app stores. In order to publish your app with us, you will need to do the following:

1. Set up Developer Accounts
  • You will need an Apple Developer Account to publish your app in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad. To sign up for your own, please refer to this help desk article. If you don't wish to register for your own account, we can host your app in our Apple Developer account for an additional $10 a month. See here for more information on using our Apple Developer account. If you would like to sign up to use our account, please email
  • You will need a Google Developer Account to publish your app for Android in the Google Play store. You will need to sign up for this one yourself. This help desk article will show you how.

2. Go through Publish Step 

All information in the Publish step of the dashboard will need to be filled out prior to publishing. Full details about this step of the dashboard can be found in the Publish Step Overview.

3. Activate you Mobile App Subscription

Once each feature of the Publish step is complete, click the Send to Store button. The Subscribe window will pop up where you will fill in your payment information. When the information is processed correctly, will will receive this confirmation screen:

4. Select App Platforms & Publish Option

  • When you click Publish My App, you are brought back to the Publish Step in your dashboard. Now you can pick which devices you want the app published for (iPhone, iPad, Android App, or Mobile Website). 
Note: If you've chosen to use our Apple Developer account, you will need to email when you’re ready to publish your iPhone/iPad apps. We will need to complete the publish process for you. Android apps will still have to be uploaded by you. 

  • Fill out the Upload Form with the details from your Apple Developer account and your upload instructions for us. Then click Next

  • You will have 4 publish options, pick one of these to continue. 
    • Standard App Upload. We will upload your app without an internal review. This option is the standard route to the app store. 
    • Expedited Upload. We will move your app to the front of our upload queue, completing the upload process within 2 business days. See this article for more details. 
    • Bizness Apps Review. Our Customer Service team will review your iOS app and provide suggestions to increase the chances of your app being approved by Apple. 
    • App Build Service. Our Design Team will design your app for you.  


  • Click Submit and you are done! If your submission went through successfully, you will also receive an email confirmation of your request. At this point, the app is in our upload queue for the Apple App Store!

For more information: 

Publishing for iOS: If you are using your own Apple Developer account, check out How to Publish iOS Apps.

Publish for Android: Please see here for detailed instructions on publishing and uploading your Android app.

For the app upload & approval process (after publishing your app), see this article