Build Step Overview

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2017 03:02PM PDT
The Build Step is where you manage the majority of your app's content, including adding and changing the app's features. After you've added the home screen features, navigation button and feature styling, you can move onto this step. 

Here You Can:
  • View your app's active and inactive features.
  • Add more features.
  • Deactivate/activate existing features.
  • Delete features (not recommended).
  • Edit feature names & icons.
  • Rearrange feature order.
  • Add feature content.
  • Enable Custom Design or keep Global Design. 
  • Configure feature-specific settings.
  • Set Mobile background images for features. 

Check out the Feature Overview & Setup (New CMS) section of our Help Desk for instructions on each feature's set-up process.

Adding New Features 

1. Click Add Feature. The Add Feature window will pop up.

2. Select the feature and click Select

3. Select a Screen/ Feature Name (this will appear in the actual app).

4. Click Add.

Easily change the Icon in the Build Area of a specific feature by clicking Feature Icon. Upload a custom icon (64x64px) from Your Images, or select from the Modern/Traditional options. 

Deactivating/Activating Features 

When a feature is active, it will appear under the Build column, with its button switch on blue. Just toggle the  switch OFF to deactivate it. 

Note: When you deactivate features, no feature content is lost—the feature simply disappears from the app. You can easily activate features later to restore them in their previous form and have them appear in the app once more. We recommend this option over feature deletion, which removes the feature completely from the back-end.

When a feature has been deactivated, it will appear under Inactive Features at the bottom of the Menu. Just toggle the switch ON to activate it. 

Deleting Features

We don't recommend deleting features unless you're certain you will never again want the feature within your app. See above for instructions on deactivating features.

1. Check the box next to any feature(s) you'd like to delete.

2. Click the red trash can icon next to Add Feature.

3. Click Continue to confirm.