2/15-2/19: iAds Discontinued

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2016 10:08AM PST
Q: I received a message from Apple informing me that iAds are being discontinued. What is going on?

A: Apple recently announced that they would be discontinuing the iAds network beginning June 30, 2016. No new apps will be accepted using iAds. Developers that wish to continue using ads during this time can create campaigns using iAd Workbench. Please stay up-to-date with Apple updates for more information on this.

Q: Why did Apple do this?

A: iAds never proved to be a very lucrative program for Apple. The 30% cut they take from ad revenue have caused many developers to opt out of ad campaigns. Apple is choosing to discontinue iAds so they can offer free ads and be more competitive with other ad networks, such as Google.

Q: What does this mean for me as a developer?

A:  This is actually great news for developers! This change will allow you to integrate other Ad networks and creates the potential for custom banner ads within your app.